Monday, December 25, 2006


I just wanna wish everyone a wonderful holiday!!!


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Sunday, December 24, 2006






I Wanna See The Rest!!

...and the last post brings me to... current favorite acronyms for curse words/phrases that take (or kinda take) the lord's name in no particular order...

2) GDI (or, if used as an adjective, simply GD)

Anyone else have any good ones lemme know.

Seeya in hell!

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Ok so I just tried installing this cool little voice message thingie on my blog...and LOOKS great...problem is when I go to record I have like...ONE second of available time in which to!!

As I go thru various avenues on the website/via email to get this sorted...anyone out there with advice/input PLEASEEEEEE lemme know!! Kthanx!!

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pretty Pretties!!

Okies so I put this out today BUT I was too lazy (and swamped w/rw stuff) to blog it!!

So I've had this dress in mind for a while...just one of those things I had never gotten around to!! It's just a little babydoll dress in a velvety patchwork texture I decided to call Boho. After I got started on it I decided to add some leggings and a little's my first attempt at a hat so go easy on me! o.O

Here's a piccie's available at CKS Designs & it's $L275. Also I stuck this one into one of the MobVends so you can get a lower price if you bring some peeps! ;)

Also check out that sweeeeet new skin from Tete a Pied!! It's called 'Vixen'...this one is called Candy but the other 3 makeups are equally yummy!!! Roslin & CJ continue to amaze...pop by & check it out for yourself! ;)

Additonally, all the stuffies I made while I was caged has also been put out! I put the Cozy set into the other MobVend! :D


Pretties: Skin - Tete A Pied: Vixen Rose Medium in Candy, Hair - ETD: Sensitive in Burgundy, Shoes - Shiny Things: Lollys in Black.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

...oh and btw....

....if you're looking for someone to head out and vote for....and this is in no way a slur on any of the other ladies (particularly Lil & Nina...whom I've gotten to know a little (or a lot) more than the others...and whom have both earned my respect tremendously)....might I suggest Allatu Augustus.

Allie has been a singularly wonderful motivator, project leader, and ubertalented builder throughout this entire competition. Also, she's just plain sweet. Seeing Allie get to remain in the house made me a very happy gerbil today...and I think definitely worthy! <33

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/me takes a deep breath and blinks a little as the light of the outside world momentarily blinds her

Soo...our third evicton day...and what an exciting one it was!! Three residents leaving as the bottom 3 vote getters, one leaving as a result of a resident vote-out, and one Outcast coming back.

We began our day by dressing up and putting together a little photo spread. Check us out! ;)

From left to right: Simone Spicer, Lillani Lowell & PrincessNina Prefect (standing, left), Madlen Flint & Allatu Augustus (seated, front), Phaylen Fairchild (seated, back), Kit Maitland & Pannie Paperdoll (standing, right).

Quote Begging To Be Repeated from Lillani Lowell: You know.... this photo almost looks like an advertisement for a kinky western cathouse.

Once the time came, we made our way into the workroom to be seated at the lavish dinner we had prepared earlier in the week...and waited to hear the results.

First up, the Outcasts...King announced that our very own Golda Stein would be returning to the house from Outcast Island, meaning that Rencius Herber was out of the competiton. WTG Golda!!!! <33

Next up came the resident vote. After a tense buildup, King announced that Pannie Paperdoll was the resident chosen to be evicted by the house vote.

Then last were the vote results...the bottom 3 of whom would go home. Those 3 were TheDiva Rockin, Phaylen Fairchild, & meeeeee!!

So freedom, not so bad!! To be honest I've been on the fence about which is best, going or staying, for a little while now. In the end, I'm *really* glad I chose the adventure...but...I'm really glad to have my second life back too. I've missed my shop...I've missed my solitary little work platform (aka the WORST build in SL, per Bredero) and adventures with my friends...and my work. And Selby. And Imogen. I never realized, I don't think, how connected I am to *place* in SL. I've missed just being in those places my second life is lived in, and near the people it's lived with.

So to my friends, new & old, thanks so much for all the love you've shown me these past 20 days. You've made me feel truly blessed.

And to those six extraordinary ladies still living their second lives behind glass, the best of luck to all of you. I for one will be following your progress eagerly...waiting to see how you fare as more twists & turns are revealed. I hope you readers do the same. <333

If I am to be remembered for anything at all by those who shared the Big Brother house with's that...I, Kit Maitland, was the resident who brought you the /hoo! Cos in the end, it's all about the /hoo!!


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

...and the tension mounts...

Sooo day 19 is done....and we're only one day away from our next elimination. Actually not an entire day away...about 20 hours away, in fact.

And so we spend our respective time...reflecting...talking...knowing some of us are together inside the house for the last time...pondering...worrying...unsure about what's to come...unsure about even which is best at this point, going or staying.

So...I'd really just rather not post about drama today. Let's just's there. It's tense. People on the inside and outside are involving themselves in it. And I think the overwhelming majority of us are just bored of it at this point.

Instead I'd like to say this: To my housemates...thank you. Thank you for the laughs...and the long talks...for those who have opened up and gotten to know me...and let me get to know you...for those who have been kind...for those who have awed me with your talents...for those who have earned my respect with the poise and grace with which you have borne this often stressful (understatement) endeavor...for those who have just been yourselves and said to hell with what's going on out there...let's just enjoy this and have fun. And, mostly, thanks to those who have really become friends. I look forward to many adventures OUTSIDE the habitrail with you. If I go home tomorrow...there is no way I'd ever consider myself a loser in this experience...and y'all are the reasons why. Best of luck to you all...with the remainder of this competition...and with your second lives. <33

If those of you reading this haven't come to vote yet...for whomever you support...please do. There's not much time left now...evictions will be at 10:00am game time tomorrow (Thursday). Here's your landmark...please don't forget us gerbils! <3

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My avatar has now spent EIGHTEEN days in a giant gerbilarium. Eighteen days of lack of privacy...building...meeting people...and more people. Where has the time gone?!!

I'm not sure if anyone's seen this...but I thought I'd post up this little piccie of the HUD device we all wear that Big Brother uses to watch us! ;)

As I mentioned last week...we've definitely turned inward as the days have gone by. It seems like we went through first a period of clinging to our friends from outside the house...then through a period of turning to those inside the house...getting to know each other...working together on projects...generally having fun together...and now on to a bit of a more reflective period. We seem to have, in some ways, isolated a bit more...turning more to ourselves as visitors come less frequently...the days get longer...and the rooms get emptier. Don't get me wrong...there are those friendships that continue to grow and develop...but just in general tone...things have changed.

Unfortunately, the impending housemate vote has, I think, had a detrimental effect. Yesterday, when the announcement was made that we would be having a housemate vote for eviction, one resident im'd me within seconds suggesting whom she thought should be the target of the eviction. Not only had I not even considered whom I would vote yet...I mind was still kinda in...'ugh, I've been dreading this moment' mode, but also I wasn't really so much into the idea of someone else trying to sway me to a choice I may not even like. So...rather than say just basically rattled off a devil's advocate list of reasons NOT to vote that person...and then wrote the conversation off and moved on with other things. Lo and person who was the SUBJECT of said conversation asks me about something I allegedly said during it...which was actually said by the person who INSTIGATED the conversation. So here I I don't like drama. I don't engage in drama. I don't appreciate someone attempting to pull me into drama by totally misrepresenting me. I probably shouldn't even be blogging about it, as in some ways it's fueling the dramatasm a bit...but...gdi that annoys me. The only saving grace is that, fortunately, the person who asked me about it is levelheaded and one who believes in coming to the source rather than taking hearsay for granted. That, I can, and do, appreciate and respect. All I can say is, if this is an indication of how things are becoming, I'm really not sure it's worth it. </rant>

So even after the multiple announcements & surprises the day before...the BB people still had more for us today!! It seems those of us who are still surviving after the next round of evictions on Thursday will get a bit of a reprieve on December 24th & our minimum requirement of daily online hours will drop from 8 to 3 on those two days. Thanks BB for the early Christmas gift!! Also, they let us know that our task for this week is to make an area for a dinner party...a nice table complete with food and all the trimmings...and a kitchen in which to prepare the food. Once again everyone has risen to the task...we have a lovely gazebo with a string's going to be quite the scene once it's finished! The plan is that this is a dinner to welcome our returning Outcast...and say goodbye to our departing residents. As always, visitors can view the pretties by going around to the large sandbox room in the back of the house. This week's elimination will also be hosted in this room.

But hey...not everything is ranting and drama...we DO still have a lot of fun too! :D

Yesterday, I came back from an afk to this picture sent to me by Phay...who had cammed over to my room to take it. She entitled it...'Kit birthing a pose ball'. I just about spit Diet Pepsi all over the screen when I saw it...and so...despite the incredibly compromising position...I thought I'd share it anyhow! Thanks Phay...I think. :P

Also...Celeb Trollop INVADED OUR SACRED HABITRAIL last night...and xomg she was in for a while...I THINK SHE BREATHED OUR AIR!!!! At least tho she did stay calm and collected...none of that craziness I like to refer to as the 'Haver effect'. It's probably a good thing I'm in a cage...cos one day Haver will hunt me down for repeatedly blogging about her habitrail if I ever disappear abrupt

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

OK...SO Kit...

...please stop ur incessant rambling & tell us about the funnnn stuff?!!!! K? Thx! :D

SO today we had our second elimination day...and the BB people threw in a fun twist!!

At 10:00am game time, we all gathered in our pirate gear to hear the news. Allie & Lilli won immunity by virtue of being voted by their peers (in a tie!) as those who had been the most helpful in the weekly task. Then they began to call the names of those who were staying, one by one. Tension mounts. I, of course, so true to Kit form, crashed. Then I came back to see King Ventura announcing that Rencius would be leaving, along with Golda.'s the twist. Rencius and Golda have been moved to ANOTHER island...outcast island...where they will spend the week. They have their own voting board, totally separate from our main voting system. Whichever one of them receives the most votes will get to return to the house next week. Does this mean that the BB people will be sending four people home next week instead of just three? Hard to must cool of the BB people to toss in this little twist to keep the game makes you wonder what else they'll have hidden up their sleeves before this is all over!!

Elimination day this week, while still stressful, was not as bad this week for me personally. I think mostly because (and I'm not the only one who's expressed this) while I'd love to win...freedom doesn't necessarily seem a bad option either. I think I've sort of made peace with the whole thing...and that pretty much eases any pressure I feel on myself. The stress I feel now is more for my friends who might have to go...not so much for me personally. 13 is done...we're starting on a new week...week three...amazing how quickly the days fly fly fly...and we're all back at square one again...urging...cajoling...begging all of you to come vote vote vote for us!!

In the meantime I wanna say thanks thanks thanks once again to everyone for the chats & love...goofiness & sincere conversations. What a trip this has all been, and continues to be!! <33

Also...I wanna share some pics from day 13!!

ARRRrrrrgghhhHHHH's one of my roomie Nina & me in our pirate gear! I doubt two hawter pirates ever sailed the high seas. :P

...and Phay...well...NAUGHTY girl PWNED me with a what did I do?!! A lil buffalo hooing...that's what! :P

Also...Miss Ally was nice enough to send me a lil care package with some yummy necklaces and earrings from Earthtones Boutique. They're soooo adorable..and I LURVE the little bow on the back!! TYTYTY Ally!!! <33

Also Jax Huskerdo was nice enough to drop these boots on me cos she thought they'd look great with my pirate outfit..and...she was right!!! Check em out at Shop Sogo! TY Jax...I love em! :D

Soooo...I guess that's about me for now. Oh...did I say come VOTE!?!!!!



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What Price To Win?!

Okies so...I think today I'll prolly have a cpl posts...b/c...I have some things on my mind regarding this competiton as a whole...and I don't really want to dilute them with posts about pretties and other goofiness that I enjoy posting about...:D 13...our second round of eliminations. It's been a quiet week...and yet a lot has happened. Increasingly in this experience, I'm seeing that when push comes to shove...people will go quite a ways to get ahead...and sometimes the tactics they will use can leave a pretty bad taste in the mouth.

So I ask you out there...those who read my incoherent ramblings...exactly how far is too far...exactly what is it worth to win...and exactly what *IS* winning, anyhow?

Let's take for example a resident we had who was actually paying $L100 to anyone who would come in and vote for him. Now, myself, I am not one to spam out names and information to stir the ol dwama mill...and will generally keep my posts to my own thoughts and observations without doing so...but...since he openly admitted it/talked about it in the room prior to eliminations...with not only other residents but supporters around to hear as well...I see no harm in it. It's information that's out there already. So...paying $L100 per vote. Not actually against the rules...but also I suppose not actually a very viable tactic anyhow. It would cost a lot of Lindens to sustain that long really it's not like it was ever much of a threat. As Lilli so rightly pointed out in her own'd be pretty easy to scam them out of money by pretending to vote anyhow...and as I noted myself when talking to some friends yesterday over by the voting area...there were accusations by people that they were not getting paid to come as they were promised. So...I guess buyer beware...but seller beware too. Rencius did point out that it's a tried and true method used by rw politicians all the time...and I know he's right. Still, that doesn't really make it sit right with me...just as it doesn't in the rw. However, would I be surprised to learn that others might be doing the same or similar? No, probably not. At least Rencius is up front about who and what he is...I suppose that must count for something, right?

I make that last point because I know there are those in the house who are probably not what they seem to be. The bad thing about an experience like this is that you see enough to start to have doubts...and you start to wonder who is being straight with you...and who is just playing you for what they can get. Oh...and not just you...but every single person who comes to visit the house as well. I have a lot of friends who come...just to vote...they're busy people...with things to do. They don't come goof off. They don't join groups and put tags on their heads. They hang out a few...they speak via im...they vote...they go back about their business. But...they do tell me what they hear....what they see...and what people say to them. And so yah...some of it I find a bit be sure.

So at this point I think it's fair to say that there are people to whom winning that island is more important than their integrity...more important than their reputation...more important than their dignity...more important than really connecting with other human beings on some level other than 'hi nice to meet you vote for me thanks now on to the next conquest'. There are some, I think, who would even be willing to sacrifice friendships to win...but to me, if you have to do that, then you really haven't won anyhow.

Ok so...what does all this rambling mean? Probably nothing...thanks if you're still here reading as I churn through some of my deeper thoughts on this entire thing. And frankly...who am I to judge anyway? No one. I do realize we are all different and as humans we tend to view people through our own ideals...and sometimes unfairly judge them for nothing more than simply not being like us. Certainly there's nothing set in stone about what is *right* and what is *wrong* in situations like this. There are only opinions...and personal boundaries.

So here's the thing. I know I have a lot of friends who are pulling for me...supporting me...coming out. I think (I hope) they all know, however, that I would love them no less if they just didn't even care about this...or didn't want to be bothered. I hope I have in no way made any of them feel pressured, so to speak, and if I have, I apologize. In the end there is no way this would ever be worth it to me to damage trust...or to use friends. For those who come to me...I'm glad you do. I enjoy every minute of it...and if you decide you'd like to vote for me...hey...I'm thrilled! But, to be perfectly honest, you're seeing no different Kit than you would if you popped into the Big Horn Lodge or the Paper Street Soap Company in Selby. I'd still say hi...I'd still be just as interested in getting to know you...I'd still be just as happy to meet someone and possibly make a new friend. I have a really difficult time with the idea of pretending to be something I'm not...and if that's what it takes...then I'm prolly gonna be walking away with no island and a lot of good friends...old and new. But...yanno...I'm good with that! ;)

</self-absorbed rambling>

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Okies all you out there!!

Here's a pic of Phay & me...that is in DIRE need of a caption!!!

Help us out!!! :D

I'm gunna give a little giftie to the writer of the one we like best!! <33

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pretties yeyyy! :D

Ok sooo...I've been werking on this for like 4 days...werk in the habitrail is sloowww for some reason! BUT...finally they are ready to go! :D

This is a dress I decided to call 'Temptress'. I just wanted to make a sexy & dressy little number for the holidays. And sooo...out came this little Asian-inspired silky number with a daring cutout front (ty to Roslin Petion for the fabby cleavage <3) & a high slit over one thigh. It comes in gold & silver (which I think are nice, festive colors for this time of year), as well as three other rich, deep colors. I've included some piccies at the bottom of this post!!

AND...the best part is...since I'm still living in's a freebie for now!! Just pop on over to the room is #3...and they're on the left side wall as you face the cage, along with last week's freebies. Here's a Landmark...or feel free to just im me anytime for a tp! It's not like I'm going anywhere! Once you get there just click and buy for $L0!! I don't see much point in putting them each out separately SO the vendor just has the entire pack! Be sure to peck on the glass...say!! Enjoy!! <33

Pretties: Skin - Tete A Pied: Seductress 1 in Rose Medium, Hair - Fashionably Dead: Poof Poof in Black, Shoes: Shiny Things - Dare Pumps in Black.

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Avast Ye Mateys!!

Helllooo out there!!!

Welcome to day which not one...but TWO pirate ships have been created by my amazing housemates!!

By yesterday afternoon there was an amazing ship complete with creaky-ship sounds and all the trimmings. By this morning...there was a GIANT amazing ship that put the first one to shame!! It's still in progress but our lovely taskmistress Allie has put up a nice board so we can see needs and stay organized. Sooo...I put my buildtarded self to use making some cages...I figure...ok I can do that. Seriously, the entire thing is so amazing...everyone should be sure to stop by the sandbox at the back of the house (the ginormous glass room that juts out over the beach) and have a peek at the progress!!

Here are a cpl of piccies of the progress:

From left to right...myself, Golda (the wee mousie), Allie, & Lilli standing on the stern.

A work in progress!

Of course as I mentioned yesterday we're pushed for time, being that we have to have it done early Thursday morning. I'm getting word that tomorrow's release is gunna be a sticky one so hopefully LL doesn't rob us of *all* our time tomorrow by first locking us out of the grid with the normal update time and THEN locking us out all afternoon/evening b/c the release is fubared. Keep your fingers crossed for us! :P

If I think about it...the pirate ship is the perfect project for this week...because in some feels like the 11 of us are castaways...stranded on this island together...isolated...struggling to survive...needing and learning to rely on each other for help & support. I follow some blogs of other residents/former residents...and Lilli made a post on her blog this week talking about how she expects the quiet nights to become more common as time goes on...and I think she's right. I can sense there's been a definite turning inward this week. In the first week...we mostly relied on our friends to keep us be our touchstones in an unfamiliar world. This week, however, I sense more an atmosphere of us as a cohesive group. Although there are those in the house who keep to themselves or seem to prefer to be sources of drama, for the most part everyone seems to have developed a sense of being in this together. I think bonds are being made that will certainly outlast this odd fortnight or so in which we've been thrust together...and that makes me pretty happy. It kinda makes me feel like we're all realizing that yes, even though each of us would love to win an island (who wouldn't?!!), the journey itself is the point of the experience...and I'm sure there are many, many more amazing, wonderful, fun, touching, & hilarious moments ahead. I feel bad now for those in the house who are not making themselves a part of this while they have the opportunity...because, in the end, those who don't will really be the ones who have lost.

As always...I urge, beg, plead, cajole you all to come vote...bring your friends...bring anyone who will come!!! Say hello...tell us we're insane...look at the incredible talents on display in the sandbox...laugh with us...and share our experience. There's the real potential that update day will mess up any plans for voting tomorrow so...come tonight...better safe than sorry! Here's your landmark...and thanks for listening to me ramble!! <333

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Day In Gerbilland

So now it's been a little over a week since we entered our new home. It's amazing how, with some experiences, time can seem to fly yet stand still...this, for me, is one of them. While the minutes and hours tick away on that ghastly timer HUD they have attached to each of us...the one I've learned to amazingly ignore for the most part even though it takes up like an eighth of my screen...they drag drag drag...and yet...somehow...the days fly fly fly.

Day 10 was pretty quiet...pretty subdued...the rush and furor of the first weekend have definitely died down. While our first, taskless, weekend was spent dancing and sexxxoring and pulling all kinds of silly antics to entertain the crowd...our second taskless weekend was spent mainly relaxing & talking with friends, supporters, and each other. I think everyone is feeling a bit of the stress of the grind...and everyone has needed a bit of time to just regroup and refocus. I know personally I spent my Sunday mostly watching football and catching up on some much needed sleep (logging 15+ hour days does take its toll)...with intermittent bursts of online time (mostly late last night and early today). One of my roomies has the flu...and I feel bad for her...I can't imagine spending all this time at the computer sick...bleh. :(

So mostly we hung out with our friends...with others' friends...some of whom have become our friends too by now (which is also pretty cool). Talked...laughed...joked...and just generally kicked back, knowing that the new week would bring a new task, new challenges, new drama, new experiences...and now knowing that, even though the mintues and hours tick by slowly, the days will surely fly until we hit the next elimination.

This morning was also pretty quiet...when I logged in there was a resident who needed some help linking some stuff in the sandbox so it could be picked up. Besides her, only myself, another current resident, and another former resident showed up to attempt to there really weren't many residents on, which is unusual for a weekday morning.

We did finally get our 2nd task today!! Yeyyyyy!! The tasks are nice because well...1) It's nice to have something to actually DO....2) It's nice to work together...get to know the other residents...and see their talents...3) They actually have pushed me to accomplish more in the way of building than I thought I was capable of. This week's task is to build a pirate ship!!!! OOOOOOOOooooo...sounds like fun huh?! The ship needs to be able to move (they say it will transport the winner to his/her new island). After the Christmas tree task, I have NO doubt that something amazing will come of be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the sandbox as it takes shape. The downside: we really only have (barely) three days to finish time will be tight for sure. (It has to be finished by Thursday, 3:00am game time).

Our next elimination day will be Thursday, Dec 14, @ 10:00am game time...and two people will be sent home (only 2 since Simon withdrew himself from the competition this week). With all the quiet we've had in the days since elimination...I hope people are still coming out to vote! Pleaseeeeee don't forget about us gerbils...:D...cos, really, this competetion has only just begun. If you came out to vote last week, come back, bring a friend (or 10), and do it all again, for come Thursday 2 more of us will have to say adios. Also, peck on the cage, chat, be silly...get to know some of us while you're there...we love company...and we're a pretty captive audience! :P

That's me for now...seeya round the habitrail! <33

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


/me pecks on the glass

Newp...I didn't die!! :D...I just took a day off from blogging & werking & spent my habitrail time relaxing & getting to know the other residents a bit more....and just generally having some fun!!

So...what you'll get here is a combined entry for days 8 & 9!! :D

Well...Elimination Day was a lot more stressful than I imagined it would be. Lke..uber nervewracking and emotional. The mood in the house that morning was very somber...and then it was just a total ratcheting up of stress from there!!

Once the hour was upon us...they gathered us all into one room...and as we waited impatiently, nervously, hearts in our throats...they announced one by one those who would be staying for another week. When they got to the final 6...they moved those residents into another room from where they announced the three who would be leaving. The three who left were Gideon Television (who made a stunning exit!!!!!!), Lorita Laguna, & Warda Kawabata. I can tell you that it was so so SO emotional..I was in tears...and I know as time goes on these eliminations are only going to get worse in that way. Once it was done, one of the other residents (Phay) said..'Well, I'm going to go smoke a carton of cigarettes now!"...and I'm like...holy cow ya...I think I could too...and I don't even smoke!!!

The mood was somber for a lil while afterward...all of us I suppose reflecting on the fact that 14 of the 15 of us will be leaving before the contest is over...and on how quickly that first week really did fly by...even though at times it seemed interminable...and that in the end, for all of us, the best thing we will take away from this experience is the time we spend getting to know 14 people whom we may have never met otherwise.

And then of course we spent the rest of the day/night partying like it was 1999!!! Not because we were happy that people had gone...but just because we were happy to still have this opportunity...and happy to be spending it together!! Here's a shot of TheDiva Rockin, Pannie Paperdoll, & myself dancing it up in Diva's room! Diva took this snap...and it's fabby I thought I'd share it with everyone!!

So as we danced away day 9 approached...bringing with it more drama...intrigue...and of course, as always, utter goofiness and fun! Lemme see if I can get in a rundown of what's been going on!

*A couple of residents seem to have developed a real distaste for one another...and their supporters are also not feelin a whole lotta love right now...and the lot of them spent most of the day shouting at each other and going on in group ims about things which should have long since been laid to rest.

*Also though I think we are all working to get to know each other more, I've noted at least one resident who's going around being all nice & buddy-buddy whilst offering to lend support to other residents in the event they are in the house longer if they will do the same. Of course you can really only *DO* that with one other It's just a bit shocking to me, I guess, that someone would do this so transparently. I'm not sure why...probably I'm just

*Another resident, Simon Walsh, made the decision to leave on his own. He feels that it's just the best thing for him now...and though I hate to see him pull out at this point, I can totally understand it. It's incredibly stressful...difficult to explain really...and he said that he just does not feel prepared for how he thinks it will become ugly in the end. Again, I can totally understand it...some have become a bit ugly already. Simon if you're reading wishes...and I'm glad I got to share this with you, even for a little while! <33

*Callie Cline came by to hang with the gerbils a bit...and was nice enough to drop a rainboa on each of us so we can flounce around our habitrail feeling all fun and fashionable!! Callie posted a cpl of pics on her check it out! Mucho thanks to Callie for the chat & laughs...even tho she did tease me unmercifully with her gorgeous Santana Lumiere boots! :P

*We closed the evening with a fabby disco party in Diva's room. Thanks to Diva for organizing and making us a cool dance floor...and to Warda for providing the tunes!! Also thanks to all the supporters who came out and danced the night away with us!! Most hilariously insane moment:...Diva accidentally sitting on the coke tray (don't was a disco party..k?)...thus pushing her avi about halfway outside the glass (ohnoeeeessssss we can't breeeatthe the outside air! o.O!!!!!!!!)...and screaming...'Pull me in! Pull me in!!'...while I was desperately trying to do so between the lag and laughing!! I would've gotten a picture of it but I was laughing so damn hard it was just not possible...all my efforts were focused on clicking that little coke tray so she could be reeled back in to safety!!! Luckily, we got her back! WHEW!!! closing today...I'd like to once again send out a huge huge ginormous thank you to all those who have come out, im'd, generally just given encouragement. I've met so many people through this that I maybe would've not met otherwise...and not just met as in said "Hi I'm Kit blah blah blah"...but met as in having gotten to have conversations...made friends...and gotten to know...and hopefully will keep getting to know long after this is over.

And to my guys are so great. Last night a few of us were hanging around talking and laughing with our Abranimations drunk AO's on (yesh we are Abranimations whores)...and Phay im'd me to say...Honey, it looks like an 8-ball exploded on your fan club over're all bobbing and weaving about!! (which was hilarious...Phay ty for your fabby sense of humor!!) When I repeated it to them my friend Tril said...'Fan club?! This is just the normal hang out crowd!'...and I thought...yeah...that's so true. And even if I weren't trapped in a glass cage...all of us would've likely still been hanging out, somewhere, doing exactly the same things we were doing. When you think about it, that's pretty cool, and I'm a pretty lucky girl. Gezellig, he? Thanks guys! <333

That's it for me today! Week 2 has begun...we'll probably get our weekly task tomorrow...and here we are back at square one! Soooo...pleeease come back out to vote if you voted last week......and pleeease bring your friends!! And do please come say engage in some lunacy with us...cos lunacy is what we do best in ye olde habitrail! :P

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Hellooo out there!!! :D

So in my spare time this week I *have* been working on a cpl pretties...and I actually managed to finish up two outfits.

Since I am caged for the month (I hope!)...I decided I would make these available as FREEEEBIEEES for now. I'll prolly put them out in the shop once I'm released BUT for now...consider it a limited time offer. :D

The first one I decided to call 'Oohh La La'. I dunno why. Looks sorta french...I guess...or something. Naming clothes sometimes just meets with a mental roadblock and so...when I GET a name...I tend to just pretty much not question it. :D

I had been wanting to make an SL version of my fave fall GAP Audrey crops...for some while...sooo there they are. I decided to pair them with this little striped top that to me sort of has a French look to it...or whatever. It's just a simple, fun outfit...but both pieces should pair nicely with many other things. Here's a piccie!

The second one, 'Cozy', is just one of those fun tummy-baring outfits that I love to wear in SL. Yesh I know that tummy-baring is out right now in the REAL world...but frankly I find a little tummy to be pretty much the sexiest bit of skin you can show...and so my SL clothes tend to play on that a little or in some cases (like this one) a LOT. Anyways it's a little pink cropped sweater with some matching stockings...and a striped denim mini that can also be worn as a nice pair of shorts. Also I made some ear muffs to match the sweater cos I'm way into avi ear muffs atm. :D

As I said...right now both of these outfits are freeebies. The only thing is you hafta come to the cage to get them. My room is room #3...and they're on the left side glass as you face the cage. Just click and buy for $L0. Say hi while you're there...and take a moment to vote if you haven't! Here's a Landmark...or just feel free to im me if you'd like a direct tp!!! :D

Dat's all for now...enjoy!!!!!!


Oohh La La Ad: Hair - Celestial Studios: Lulu Flip + Hat in Streaky 3, Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Light in Gamine Cherry, Shoes - Shiny Things: Ballet Flats in Black, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven.

Cosy Ad: Hair - Naughty Designs: Angel III in Mocha, Skin - Celestial Studios: Redhead Auburn Tone 30 in Frosting, Shoes - Shiny Things: Old Boots in Black.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rescue Me! (Sort Of)

Wow! It's been a busy couple of days in ye olde habitrail! I never even got round to blogging yesterday!! o.O

Soooo even though there are ohhhh not quite 6 hours left in day 6...I thought I'd go ahead and just do a combined entry for days 5 & 6! :D

It's been a very very busy couple days of building back in the workroom. For those who haven't yet been out back to see what's going in, our building area/sandbox/project room...whatever you want to call located at the back of the house. It's a huge, elevated glass room that juts out over the anyone who comes to watch can stand beneath...on top of...or hover outside to look in on us. I do encourage everyone who hasn't yet to come out and have a look at what's been/being done in there. There are some amazing Christmas decorations that have been made, to go along with the tree. The entire lot will be auctioned, the proceeds to benefit a charity that we as a group choose. The charity that we have tentatively chosen is Unicef. We really hope to bring in a huge donation, so everyone has been doing their best to make some really cool things.

Being that most of my in-habitrail time has been spent back there, there hasn't been a lot of lounge-about time as there was the first few days. As I said in my last post, this is the same for most residents, so the air around the house in general as far as drama & antics go has been very subdued. There has been of course the (by now) usual and mentioned-in-a-couple-of-entries-now bashing of/rudeness to some visitors (and residents) by other members. I suppose by now it's just becoming routine. I hate that it happens but, it's just gotten to the point where most everyone shrugs it off and goes on about their business. I should say, however, that overwhelmingly most visitors are nice and supportive not just to their chosen resident, but to ALL of us...and we love y'all for sending us the good vibes every day.

We DID have yet more sim the day before so YEY for that lol. Yesterday, even tho we didn't experience any of the griefing itself, we felt the aftershocks as the grid struggled to maintain/restore its stability. I'd like to say a big thumbs up & thank you to the staff at LL for keeping us up & running with only a few hiccups during yesterday's attack. I'd also like to say to the griefers...if this is all you have to do with your spare time & the way you choose to waste your sad.

I have to give a huge thank youuuuuu to some friends & designers who have been nice enough to smuggle me in a little fashion relief to keep me going! Ginny...Shai...Roslin (my volunteer shopper!! haha)...Killy...Trin...Ky...Moo...CC...Sol & Lur...Ally...thanks to you all for sending some goodies my way and keeping me looking kyooot (and more importantly...helping to satisfy my shopping cravings) while I'm in lockup! Also thanks for the fashion chats...cos if you hafta be trapped in a cage...what better to stand around and talk about (even if it does bore the guys!...and btw, guys, y'all left before the nekkie skin party began...OOOPS! *G*)?!!

I have a couple pics below of some ADORABLE earmuff/backpack sets from TrinityLynn Skye. They're breathtakingly cute and available at Splendicious Designs along with lots of other cold weather goodies. Trin is offering a 50% off sale for Big Brother residents! So take a min to im Trin and let her know you'd like to send your fave resident a little care package & show a gerbil some love!! <3

I also have to give a shout out to the We Love Your Jezus FOC Crew Band for coming out last night for another rousing show. Best only-in-SL quote ever from Gia Reymont: "i have a very important job for u. Can u sit on jesus so he wont get auto returned?" That pretty much sums it up. Really. There is just NO way I can improve on that comment. Thanks y'all...IMOGEN ROOLZ!!! <3 <3 <3 (and btw...stop GRIEFING me HAVER!!!)

Once day 7 starts at noon game time today, it will mark the last day that all 15 residents will be in the house. Come tomorrow (Friday), the three residents with the lowest number of votes will be sent home. I can't stress how important it is for everyone out there to take a little time to come and vote for your favorite resident...and then keep coming back each week to do it all again. AND come see us...peck on the cage...shout some encouragement. We need your love & support to keep us going...and we sure do appreciate it...more than y'all know!!

That's it for me this morning...ttfn! <3

/me runs away

Pretties: Hair - ETD Couture: The Updo in Citrus, Skin - Tete A Pied Redhead: Enigma Salmon (Snowman Pic) & Scarlet Seductress (Christmas Tree Pic), Clothes: CKS Designs "Autumn Leaves Cropped Twinset" in Pink (Snowman Pic) & Dazzle "Naughty" Dress (Christmas Tree Pic).

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

OH sweet mother of all that is holy....


/me smacks my head against the glass repeatedly until I pass out

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Big Brother: Day Two!

...wha? ...ppl are reading this?! :P

HI everyone! THANKS to everyone who IM'd and came over to say HIiii and engage in our goofiness...and THANKS for voting and bringing friends to vote too!!

Day 2 has been interesting!! Right now we just sort of hang out and talk to peeps who come see us (which is awesome...I know what inmates must feel like now when they get visitors lol)...and do entertaining stuff like dancing in our silks...which one of our male housemates seems to NOT like us doing! o.O Quote: "Belly dancing sluts will NOT get votes that way!"...which...well...a) I never realized belly dancing made one a SLUT :P...and b) I beg to differ since that comment get met with a round of "GOT MY VOTE!"'s!!!

SO YES...THERE'S DRAMA!! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!! Some ppl seem to be TENSE already...ppl have muted ppl...ETC. Also some DRAMA between the fans who are coming out to support their respective BB residents and other fans...other residents...etc. Boobies, belly dancing, & drama in the virtual world...does it GET any better?!!!! /me snorts

We're supposed to have some tasks given to us to perform...but so far we've not had any given to us. SOOoo we're left to our own devices...since we HAVE to log 8 hours per day. Therefore for the forseeable future I figure it's more lingerie-wearing, belly-dancing, poseball antics and ZEE dRRRAMAS! :D If y'all haven't come by to check it out you SHOULD!! The sim is called Kingdom Of Media...and here's a landmark! :P

Here's a cool pic I took today of my roommate Pannie Paperdoll & I washing the windows of our big glass cage!

As I said we weren't really *assigned* rooms but ppl kinda grouped and chose space to work/live in. We are free however to build and move anywhere within the house. My other roomie is PrincessNina Prefect. Pannie & Nina are awesome and we've been having so much matter what happens this will go down as a great SL adventure...and I'm so glad I decided to do it!!

Okies so...I've yakked eyes are tired of staring at the screen and I need a break! :P

THANKS again to everyone who's come out AND come BACK!!! And come if you haven't!! AND oh did I BEG and PLEAD for you to come vote?!! On Dec 7th, the 3 ppl with the least number of votes will be YESH PLEASE come vote for me!!! Just once a week! :P

ALSO there's a group called....**Keep Kit Caged**'s open join so JOIN UP and show me some love!!!!

And come peck on the glass...:D :D :D

OKies I'm OUT for now...sorry for the manic post...I think I'm on a sugar/insomnia/caffeine rush or something! :P

Ethan are you reading this?!!!...I'm going out for a CHAI LATTE...mwaahahahahaaaa..../me runs away

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

/me pecks on the glass...

...anyone listening out there? :D

SO...some of you by now may know...and some may not...that I was chosen and decided to participate in this kooky Big Brother thing! Why's it kooky? Well I dunno...maybe cos it's ME who's kooky for agreeing to be locked up in a Habitrail for up to a month!! o.O

BUT...I really really really really really really want to win a sim...SO...I'm BEGGING anyone and everyone to come on out...bring your friends...and VOTE for me. Everyone can vote once per week...and you can vote here! There's a big board with all our pictures there and you can click my picture to vote!! Also it's SOOOO bleh in there sometimes so come on by and peck on the glass and say hi too!!!!!

Hopefully I can get some pretties done during my incarceration! <3

So what's it like?'s a rundown of day one!

The BB ppl called us all over to the island and fitted us up with a little HUD that monitors how much time we spend online per day...AND lets them know if our avis physically leave the island (which is a no no). They had this huge red carpet ready and once the time came, and the island was opened..they announced our names and one by one we did our walk on the carpet and entered the house (aka the habitrail! :P). The house was sealed once we were all inside. We're not allowed to leave...and others aren't allowed to come in.

The house itself is just a series of 5 glass rooms connected by little glass hallways ( really DOES look like a Habitrail!). We're responsible for building our own furniture and such (no prefab items built by others) each room is sort of a mishmash of items that ppl have's pretty cool!

Once inside we all commenced to getting to know each other a little...and wandering around checking out this space that's going to be our second home for a little while!! Two other girls & I set up some space in one of the rooms...tho technically we're not assigned rooms of our *own*...we're all free to use the entire house.

So far we've had a lot of fun dancing...changing clothes...being gawked at...and building building building. (I built the ugliest couch ever! haha) We're allowed visitors as long as they remain OUTSIDE the glass so DO come on over and gawk and say hi!!! Don't be like Haver tho and tp INTO the house and get yelled at!! o.O

Also if you'd like some free Vote for Kit shirts they're available at CKS Designs...along with a sweet sign made by Menno Ophelia (TYYY Menno!!!!)!! They're set to sell for $L0 so just feel free. Also they're fully copyable so give em to your friends too! And bring em to vote! And come peck on the glass!! AND VOTE!!!

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm in the mood for...leggings :D

Hellooo out there!!!!

Hope everyone's coming thru the grid struggles from this latest update ok...lotta great features this time I guess we all hang in there as it gets better!!!!! :D

So yesterday...well actually day before...cos my avi has worn the SAME OUTFIT for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT...*Gasp*...I'm slipping...BUT...I put on the leggings from the Band Geek outfit with a skirt from Mischief...and I I want more leggings! :D

Sooo today I made 3 little short skirty/legging outfits to satisfy my craving!

I tried to make each in a bit of a different hopefully there's a little something for everyone there! My personal fave is the 'Preppy' one (big surprise there huh? haha)!

So here are some piccies AND you can get em as always at CKS Designs for $L250 each...AND...IF you're a member of the CKS Designs group then you got one of em freee! BTW...don't tell anyone BUT you can STILL join and get the freebie from today's notice! ;)

As always I tried to make the pieces so they'll work nicely with other things...I'm a dedicated wardrobe masher myself...<3

OH...also I put the 'Preppy' outfit into one of the ppl seem to have been using those and getting good deals! So as long as I'm getting positive feedback on em I'll prolly just try to keep them updated with new stuff as it comes out!

Ok I'mma stop rambling now..enjoy! :D

Pretties: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Redhead Auburn in Barest Tone 30, Hair - ETD: Merry in Burgundy Burnt, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven, Shoes - Shiny Things: Mary Jane Clogs in Black.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Monday!!

Helloooo out there! :D

I just finished these cpl little goodies. Just some little skirt outfits I've had on my brain...and ALSO something to test out this new MobVend dealie I've been wanting to look at. I've put each of them into a MobVend just to see how that any feedback on that is welcome!

Unfortunately the sets I put into the MobVends are no txfr SO traditional vendors are also out with the normal, transferable sets. The MobVends are at the main shop only, of course...and it remains to be seen if I see performance issues etc from it.

Soooo that's about all the news that's fit from me today...:D

These are of course available at CKS Designs for $L275 each (OR less...a lot less...possibly...depending on that MobVend thing:D)!




Earthy Ad: Skin - Tete A Pied: Redhead in Trendy Copper, Hair - ETD Couture: The Updo in Citrus, Shoes - Shiny Things: Mary Jane Clogs in Black, Earrings - Gurl 6: Silver Hoops, Bracelets: Shiny Things: Everyday Gems in Moonstone & Lassitude & Ennui: Love Conquers All Bracelet in Silver and Moonstone.

Placid Ad: Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Medium in Trendy Indigo, Hair - Panache: Drew in Autumn Light, Shoes - Shiny Things: Mary Jane Clogs in Black, Earrings - Girl 6: Silver Hoops.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Newww Stufff?!!! WOW!!!

Ok that the Thanksgiving holiday is over and I'm stuffed to the gills with mom's turkey & gravy and I'm all home again...time to get back to some work! <3

Tonight I have a simple, fun little outfit called 'Playful' 6 fresh, yummy colors! It's actually something I started a while back and hadn't finished...and had just sort of lost in my massive, asset-sucking inventory. Then on Thursday morning when I was bopping around waiting for the hubby to be ready to get on the ROAD already...I found it and thought..HEY...why did I never finish that?!! it is! This top is also grreat with jeans! :D

OF course I'm including pix...and of course they're available at CKS Designs for $L225 each!

Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving this past week had a great one!!! :D

Pretties: Skin - Tete A Pied:Redhead in Gamine Apricot, Hair - Panache:Baby Jane in Autumn Light, Earrings - Gurl6:Silver Hoops, Shoes - 7 Deadly Sins:Helena Shoes

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Monday, November 20, 2006

XOMG!!!! Skin Mania!!!

OHhhhhhemmmmmmmmmm......I may be in love <3

I finally made it over to Tete A Pied's new shop in Nouveau to check it out...AND check out these new redhead skins Ros has been promising...and all I can say is...XOMG!!!!

CJ & Ros have treated us to a lovely, slightly sunkissed redhead skin tone with that gorgeous, creamy tete a pied some wonderful variations on their different make-up lines.

I've included some pics here but trust can't do it MUST go snag a demo and try it on for yourself!!

TaP Redhead Seductress Scarlet

TaP Redhead Gamine Apricot

TaP Redhead Enigma Salmon

TaP Redhead Trendy Copper (my personal favvvve!!)

If you've never tried Tete A Pied skin...shame on you!!...and here's what makes it fabby (apart from the excellent quality): Each TaP skin line features an entirely different 'look' to the make-up. As you can see from the pics above...the looks vary widely. It's a lot more than just putting new colors of make-up on (although different make-up colors are available in each line)...each line has an entirely different personality...and that makes TaP skin unique in the SL world.

Anywho...have I prattled enough?! Just go to Tete A Pied and try some on for yourself already...:D

Pretties: Hair - ETD Couture: The Updo in Citrus, Earrings - Lassitude & Ennui: Gwanwyn in Silver, Jacket - 7 Deadly Sins: Intrinity.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Ok so...

...nopers...I didn't die or those who have seen me iw will attest to! The evil copybot has not absconded with me and left a non-working evil doppelganger in my place! <3

I have, however, been lazy about work and more into catching up with some friends, working on non-clothing projects (like the shop remodel), and generally having some fun on the grid. All work and no play makes Kit a cranky pants...or something like that!

So I'll be getting back to that work thing soon...but I wanted to post up some pics of something really fun I did last night in SL...avatar chess!!

Last night at Creative Commons on a giant chessboard, 31 other players & I participated in a chess game organized by my friend Barney Boomslang. Grouped into two teams (white & red), with a leader guiding our strategies in separate group chats, we wore chess piece avatars (also created by Barney) and played out a living game of chess.

There were a few issues at the start (sim limits...some lag...getting organized etc.) but in the end it was a resounding success with the white team (my team...OF COURSE) winning the game as the red team ran out of time attempting to plan a strategy to overcome the brilliant strategy laid out by our fearless king, Ahmad Hosho. :D

Anyone interested in participating in Avatar Chess can join the group "Avatar Chess" (it's open enrollment) and/or speak to Barney Boomslang or Bibi Book about being assigned to a team. Barney's chess avatars are available for free at the landmark listed above! <3

Here's a shot of the board as the players stand at attention waiting for the game to begin!

The White Team (my team we wonn yeyyyyy!!!!!)

The Evil Red Team!!!!!

The game in progress...I'm the white knight closest to the cam! <3

Thanks to Barney and all the organizers & creators for a fabulous fun event!! Y'all join the group and come on out for the next one!!!

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


...after having a little fun last night running around to a cpl clubs w/some friends (something I hardly ever do in SL!)...I got inspired today to make a fun little clubby type dress...and here it be...'Jawdropper'...just in time for Saturday night!!

It's a short, shimmery little one-shouldered number in three colors that I decided to call 'Hot'...'Cool'...and 'Smouldering'. I also tossed in a lil simple pair of matching stockings! <3

We don't have rack up for the new area yet in the remodeled shop SO I just put it out by the stairs where it's easy to spot for nowwww!!

It's $L225 for one or $L450 for all three at CKS Designs, of course!

Also I realized like...yesterday...that I've been failing to post accessory credits in my blog I'm gunna back up and get some of that info on the older posts!

Pretties: Skin: Charmed Tone 20 in Glitter Silver 2 w/Body Shimmer, Celestial Studios; Hair: Lucy in Black Pearl, Naughty Designs; Boots: Swashbuckler in Black, SF Designs; Earrings & Choker: Silver Hoops, Silver Kitty Collar, Gurl6; Bracelet: Everyday Gems in Black Diamond, Shiny Things; Armband: Hematite Arm Band, Nevermore.

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Friday, November 10, 2006


OH MAH GAWWWDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starley released newww skinnnsssss!!!!!!!

/me dies and goes to heaven


I Wanna See The Rest!!

XOMG! Kit did Work!!

Okie so...what's been going on?!! Yesh I planned to get out the last two Class Of '07 outfits on Wednesday. Yesh they were both done by yesterday afternoon...but I have been one lazy kitty about getting them set to go! *hangs head*

I'm happy to say that, for the most part, the shop rebuild is finished! YEYYYYY!! CC & Spark got it done mostly in one day...maybe a day and a half...WOW!! We still have some inside work and arranging to pardon the sort of scatteredness of everything atm...but at least it's all out and no more prims all over the place to trip over! <3 I'm soooo sooo sooooo happy with how it's turned out and it's so nice to have room to mooove!!!

So...I DO have the last two outfits in the Class of '07 collection today. Thanks so much to everyone who has told me how much they're enjoying the bios and the concept. It's been a blast designing outfits with a character in mind...but now I'm ready to move on to something neewwwww!! So without further we go! ;)

Star Athlete: The whole town knows this girl...athletic...talented...driven. She drives the boys crazy because she can not only play their game...she can win it.

Likes: Competition, Sports, Anything outdoors

Dislikes: Laziness, Cafeteria food, Anything that has to be done while sitting down.

Only Dates: Other Athletes

Usually Found: In the gym after school...having a 'workout' session with her boyfriend. You know what they say. Practice makes perfect.

Girl Next Door: Yes, this girl is everybody's darling...kind...generous...wholesome. She drives the boys crazy because she has no idea how hot she is.

Likes: Teddy bears, Slumber parties, Anything involving her family

Dislikes: Bullies, Cliques, Anything she considers rude

Only Dates: Her junior high sweetheart

Usually Found: Standing around somewhere holding hands with her boyfriend whilst looking impossibly cute.

So there we have em!! Thanks to the lovely Trillian Granville for modeling the Star Athlete. As we close the yearbook on the Class Of '07 for now...(might we possibly hear from these girls again in the future?!! Hmmm...)...I'd like to invite anyone out there who reads this to send in pics (and especially GROUP pics with your friends) a la Sol's your Class Of '07 outfits!! I'd love to hang some up in the shop!!! Just drop em on me in world if ya got em or email to!!

(...and yes...those of you who know me know how much I heart my of course choosing colors for the Star Athlete was a no brainer! :P)

Oh ermmmmm guess I should say....they're $L275 each and available at CKS Designs!


Star Athlete Ad: Skin - Pixel Deep by Joannah Cramer: brunette edition in birch, Hair - Fetish: Entice in Black Pack, Shoes - Shiny Things: Old Boots in Black, Earrings - Girl props: Chain Link Earrings, Glasses - Sinful Shades: Willow Silver Framed Clear

Girl Next Door Ad: Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Medium in Peach Melba, Hair - ETD: Airy in Burgundy, Shoes - Lassitude & Ennui: Eva Pumps in Robin's Egg, Earrings - Shiny Things: Everyday Gems in Moonstone.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ok so yah I'm still blogging and blogreading...not being productive and stuff...<3

Yesterday afternoon I popped over to the shop to slip the bios into the Class Of '07 outfits...and Ally Geer landed just as I got there...and immediately laughed and said...'nice outfit'! Soooo once my rezzing caught up (bleh) I saw that we were dressed almost EXACTLY alike...she had on the Valedictorian outfit and the same Shiny Things boots we alll <3<3<3<3<3!

So I had to just post up a pic of Ally & me...:D

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Introducing your Valedictorian...

Yah sooo....I have a cpl more of these I wanna do...I'm thinking grid downtime tomorrow is sounding like a perfecto time to stay focused and finish up! ;)

I'm so glad everyone's enjoying the clothes and the concept...thanks to all who have posted and im'd happy thoughts!!!! At Celeb's suggestion in her Second Style post...I've done the bios up on notecards and will be tucking them in w/the outfits...ty Celeb for the suggestion!!

Okies so now that I've yakked it up....onto your newest classmate!...

Valedictorian: This girl has it She drives the boys crazy because they just can't keep up.

Likes: Chemistry, Foreign films, Anything academic

Dislikes: Jocks, Study hall, Anything that doesn't challenge her

Only Dates: The Smart Boys

Usually Found: Tucked away in some hidden corner of the library with her boyfriend...studying...of course.

This one's $L175...and available at CKS Designs, of course!

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cheerleaders Gone Wild?

Ok...I must admit...we've been having SSOOOooo much fun playing with our poms poms that I just had to post a few pics....

From left to right...SL's most uncoordinated cheer squad...Bredero, me, Ethan, & Trillian. (last names have been removed to protect

Ethan, the hostile cheerleader, kept shoving his pom poms into our faces! o.O

Gimme an F....

Tired cheerleaders relaxing...Bre looks exceptionally comfy!

I Wanna See The Rest!!