Friday, November 17, 2006

Ok so...

...nopers...I didn't die or those who have seen me iw will attest to! The evil copybot has not absconded with me and left a non-working evil doppelganger in my place! <3

I have, however, been lazy about work and more into catching up with some friends, working on non-clothing projects (like the shop remodel), and generally having some fun on the grid. All work and no play makes Kit a cranky pants...or something like that!

So I'll be getting back to that work thing soon...but I wanted to post up some pics of something really fun I did last night in SL...avatar chess!!

Last night at Creative Commons on a giant chessboard, 31 other players & I participated in a chess game organized by my friend Barney Boomslang. Grouped into two teams (white & red), with a leader guiding our strategies in separate group chats, we wore chess piece avatars (also created by Barney) and played out a living game of chess.

There were a few issues at the start (sim limits...some lag...getting organized etc.) but in the end it was a resounding success with the white team (my team...OF COURSE) winning the game as the red team ran out of time attempting to plan a strategy to overcome the brilliant strategy laid out by our fearless king, Ahmad Hosho. :D

Anyone interested in participating in Avatar Chess can join the group "Avatar Chess" (it's open enrollment) and/or speak to Barney Boomslang or Bibi Book about being assigned to a team. Barney's chess avatars are available for free at the landmark listed above! <3

Here's a shot of the board as the players stand at attention waiting for the game to begin!

The White Team (my team we wonn yeyyyyy!!!!!)

The Evil Red Team!!!!!

The game in progress...I'm the white knight closest to the cam! <3

Thanks to Barney and all the organizers & creators for a fabulous fun event!! Y'all join the group and come on out for the next one!!!

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