Sunday, December 10, 2006


/me pecks on the glass

Newp...I didn't die!! :D...I just took a day off from blogging & werking & spent my habitrail time relaxing & getting to know the other residents a bit more....and just generally having some fun!!

So...what you'll get here is a combined entry for days 8 & 9!! :D

Well...Elimination Day was a lot more stressful than I imagined it would be. Lke..uber nervewracking and emotional. The mood in the house that morning was very somber...and then it was just a total ratcheting up of stress from there!!

Once the hour was upon us...they gathered us all into one room...and as we waited impatiently, nervously, hearts in our throats...they announced one by one those who would be staying for another week. When they got to the final 6...they moved those residents into another room from where they announced the three who would be leaving. The three who left were Gideon Television (who made a stunning exit!!!!!!), Lorita Laguna, & Warda Kawabata. I can tell you that it was so so SO emotional..I was in tears...and I know as time goes on these eliminations are only going to get worse in that way. Once it was done, one of the other residents (Phay) said..'Well, I'm going to go smoke a carton of cigarettes now!"...and I'm like...holy cow ya...I think I could too...and I don't even smoke!!!

The mood was somber for a lil while afterward...all of us I suppose reflecting on the fact that 14 of the 15 of us will be leaving before the contest is over...and on how quickly that first week really did fly by...even though at times it seemed interminable...and that in the end, for all of us, the best thing we will take away from this experience is the time we spend getting to know 14 people whom we may have never met otherwise.

And then of course we spent the rest of the day/night partying like it was 1999!!! Not because we were happy that people had gone...but just because we were happy to still have this opportunity...and happy to be spending it together!! Here's a shot of TheDiva Rockin, Pannie Paperdoll, & myself dancing it up in Diva's room! Diva took this snap...and it's fabby I thought I'd share it with everyone!!

So as we danced away day 9 approached...bringing with it more drama...intrigue...and of course, as always, utter goofiness and fun! Lemme see if I can get in a rundown of what's been going on!

*A couple of residents seem to have developed a real distaste for one another...and their supporters are also not feelin a whole lotta love right now...and the lot of them spent most of the day shouting at each other and going on in group ims about things which should have long since been laid to rest.

*Also though I think we are all working to get to know each other more, I've noted at least one resident who's going around being all nice & buddy-buddy whilst offering to lend support to other residents in the event they are in the house longer if they will do the same. Of course you can really only *DO* that with one other It's just a bit shocking to me, I guess, that someone would do this so transparently. I'm not sure why...probably I'm just

*Another resident, Simon Walsh, made the decision to leave on his own. He feels that it's just the best thing for him now...and though I hate to see him pull out at this point, I can totally understand it. It's incredibly stressful...difficult to explain really...and he said that he just does not feel prepared for how he thinks it will become ugly in the end. Again, I can totally understand it...some have become a bit ugly already. Simon if you're reading wishes...and I'm glad I got to share this with you, even for a little while! <33

*Callie Cline came by to hang with the gerbils a bit...and was nice enough to drop a rainboa on each of us so we can flounce around our habitrail feeling all fun and fashionable!! Callie posted a cpl of pics on her check it out! Mucho thanks to Callie for the chat & laughs...even tho she did tease me unmercifully with her gorgeous Santana Lumiere boots! :P

*We closed the evening with a fabby disco party in Diva's room. Thanks to Diva for organizing and making us a cool dance floor...and to Warda for providing the tunes!! Also thanks to all the supporters who came out and danced the night away with us!! Most hilariously insane moment:...Diva accidentally sitting on the coke tray (don't was a disco party..k?)...thus pushing her avi about halfway outside the glass (ohnoeeeessssss we can't breeeatthe the outside air! o.O!!!!!!!!)...and screaming...'Pull me in! Pull me in!!'...while I was desperately trying to do so between the lag and laughing!! I would've gotten a picture of it but I was laughing so damn hard it was just not possible...all my efforts were focused on clicking that little coke tray so she could be reeled back in to safety!!! Luckily, we got her back! WHEW!!! closing today...I'd like to once again send out a huge huge ginormous thank you to all those who have come out, im'd, generally just given encouragement. I've met so many people through this that I maybe would've not met otherwise...and not just met as in said "Hi I'm Kit blah blah blah"...but met as in having gotten to have conversations...made friends...and gotten to know...and hopefully will keep getting to know long after this is over.

And to my guys are so great. Last night a few of us were hanging around talking and laughing with our Abranimations drunk AO's on (yesh we are Abranimations whores)...and Phay im'd me to say...Honey, it looks like an 8-ball exploded on your fan club over're all bobbing and weaving about!! (which was hilarious...Phay ty for your fabby sense of humor!!) When I repeated it to them my friend Tril said...'Fan club?! This is just the normal hang out crowd!'...and I thought...yeah...that's so true. And even if I weren't trapped in a glass cage...all of us would've likely still been hanging out, somewhere, doing exactly the same things we were doing. When you think about it, that's pretty cool, and I'm a pretty lucky girl. Gezellig, he? Thanks guys! <333

That's it for me today! Week 2 has begun...we'll probably get our weekly task tomorrow...and here we are back at square one! Soooo...pleeease come back out to vote if you voted last week......and pleeease bring your friends!! And do please come say engage in some lunacy with us...cos lunacy is what we do best in ye olde habitrail! :P


Gideon said...

"Stunning??" Thanks, Kit, I was saving up that animation all week :)

Kit Maitland said... was fabby...unexpected...shocking!!

TheDiva said...

OMG! Hahah...I totally missed the shot of me stuck on the coke tray - I did way too many toots that night!