Monday, November 06, 2006

Cheerleaders Gone Wild?

Ok...I must admit...we've been having SSOOOooo much fun playing with our poms poms that I just had to post a few pics....

From left to right...SL's most uncoordinated cheer squad...Bredero, me, Ethan, & Trillian. (last names have been removed to protect

Ethan, the hostile cheerleader, kept shoving his pom poms into our faces! o.O

Gimme an F....

Tired cheerleaders relaxing...Bre looks exceptionally comfy!


Trillian Granville said...

This is the most fun outfit, ever! I still haven't taken it off :)

caLLie cLine said...

how great!!!, you must join our "zero drama llama" group and then we must have a cheerleader party, hehe, we usually dance on cows!



Sol Columbia said...

LOL, awesome. I'm waiting for the crazy elves that bought a bunch of my outfits to take a "class picture". You definitely should get a big group shot for your store as well! Also, will you sign my yearbook?! snicker Loving the Class of '07 Kit =)

P.S. Thanks for turning comments on!

Kit Maitland said... Callie that sounds like funnn....I'm so in!

oh Sol wonderful idea!! I have a couple more then I hafta round some peeps up for that!

And ty for letting me know comments were off!

Ethan Logan said...

I think I'm going to add a nice Burberry tie and a pair of Italian leather boots and see if this sets a new fashion trend at work. Err...maybe not. To wax or not to wax... Fun times!