Saturday, December 02, 2006

/me pecks on the glass...

...anyone listening out there? :D

SO...some of you by now may know...and some may not...that I was chosen and decided to participate in this kooky Big Brother thing! Why's it kooky? Well I dunno...maybe cos it's ME who's kooky for agreeing to be locked up in a Habitrail for up to a month!! o.O

BUT...I really really really really really really want to win a sim...SO...I'm BEGGING anyone and everyone to come on out...bring your friends...and VOTE for me. Everyone can vote once per week...and you can vote here! There's a big board with all our pictures there and you can click my picture to vote!! Also it's SOOOO bleh in there sometimes so come on by and peck on the glass and say hi too!!!!!

Hopefully I can get some pretties done during my incarceration! <3

So what's it like?'s a rundown of day one!

The BB ppl called us all over to the island and fitted us up with a little HUD that monitors how much time we spend online per day...AND lets them know if our avis physically leave the island (which is a no no). They had this huge red carpet ready and once the time came, and the island was opened..they announced our names and one by one we did our walk on the carpet and entered the house (aka the habitrail! :P). The house was sealed once we were all inside. We're not allowed to leave...and others aren't allowed to come in.

The house itself is just a series of 5 glass rooms connected by little glass hallways ( really DOES look like a Habitrail!). We're responsible for building our own furniture and such (no prefab items built by others) each room is sort of a mishmash of items that ppl have's pretty cool!

Once inside we all commenced to getting to know each other a little...and wandering around checking out this space that's going to be our second home for a little while!! Two other girls & I set up some space in one of the rooms...tho technically we're not assigned rooms of our *own*...we're all free to use the entire house.

So far we've had a lot of fun dancing...changing clothes...being gawked at...and building building building. (I built the ugliest couch ever! haha) We're allowed visitors as long as they remain OUTSIDE the glass so DO come on over and gawk and say hi!!! Don't be like Haver tho and tp INTO the house and get yelled at!! o.O

Also if you'd like some free Vote for Kit shirts they're available at CKS Designs...along with a sweet sign made by Menno Ophelia (TYYY Menno!!!!)!! They're set to sell for $L0 so just feel free. Also they're fully copyable so give em to your friends too! And bring em to vote! And come peck on the glass!! AND VOTE!!!


Jim Honey said...

Hey Kit.

Just to let you know... at least one person is listening out here.


Kit Maitland said...

YEYYY ty Jim!! :D :D :D :D :D