Monday, November 20, 2006

XOMG!!!! Skin Mania!!!

OHhhhhhemmmmmmmmmm......I may be in love <3

I finally made it over to Tete A Pied's new shop in Nouveau to check it out...AND check out these new redhead skins Ros has been promising...and all I can say is...XOMG!!!!

CJ & Ros have treated us to a lovely, slightly sunkissed redhead skin tone with that gorgeous, creamy tete a pied some wonderful variations on their different make-up lines.

I've included some pics here but trust can't do it MUST go snag a demo and try it on for yourself!!

TaP Redhead Seductress Scarlet

TaP Redhead Gamine Apricot

TaP Redhead Enigma Salmon

TaP Redhead Trendy Copper (my personal favvvve!!)

If you've never tried Tete A Pied skin...shame on you!!...and here's what makes it fabby (apart from the excellent quality): Each TaP skin line features an entirely different 'look' to the make-up. As you can see from the pics above...the looks vary widely. It's a lot more than just putting new colors of make-up on (although different make-up colors are available in each line)...each line has an entirely different personality...and that makes TaP skin unique in the SL world.

Anywho...have I prattled enough?! Just go to Tete A Pied and try some on for yourself already...:D

Pretties: Hair - ETD Couture: The Updo in Citrus, Earrings - Lassitude & Ennui: Gwanwyn in Silver, Jacket - 7 Deadly Sins: Intrinity.


Celebrity said...

You look incredibly cute with freckles! LOL

Roslin said...

Awww, thanks for mentioning my skins... you know I almost didn't release the copper because I was worried it might look too much like the mocha trendy. Now I'm so glad I didn't!

CronoCloud said...

Good skin with red brows is something to be cherished, which is why I have the four pack and a four pack of the Sophisticates with custom red brows, and the Tete Une NYC shade collection with red brows. :-)

I heart Roslin and CJ.

Kit Maitland said...

Aye CC...I too have a custom Trendy 4 pack with red brows & freckles! :D

AND CJ worked wonders with getting my tats adjusted to it also! <3

I should've mentioned in fact in the original post how great Ros & CJ are at customs!!!!!

And Ros...GLAD you released the copper!!!