Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rescue Me! (Sort Of)

Wow! It's been a busy couple of days in ye olde habitrail! I never even got round to blogging yesterday!! o.O

Soooo even though there are ohhhh not quite 6 hours left in day 6...I thought I'd go ahead and just do a combined entry for days 5 & 6! :D

It's been a very very busy couple days of building back in the workroom. For those who haven't yet been out back to see what's going in, our building area/sandbox/project room...whatever you want to call located at the back of the house. It's a huge, elevated glass room that juts out over the anyone who comes to watch can stand beneath...on top of...or hover outside to look in on us. I do encourage everyone who hasn't yet to come out and have a look at what's been/being done in there. There are some amazing Christmas decorations that have been made, to go along with the tree. The entire lot will be auctioned, the proceeds to benefit a charity that we as a group choose. The charity that we have tentatively chosen is Unicef. We really hope to bring in a huge donation, so everyone has been doing their best to make some really cool things.

Being that most of my in-habitrail time has been spent back there, there hasn't been a lot of lounge-about time as there was the first few days. As I said in my last post, this is the same for most residents, so the air around the house in general as far as drama & antics go has been very subdued. There has been of course the (by now) usual and mentioned-in-a-couple-of-entries-now bashing of/rudeness to some visitors (and residents) by other members. I suppose by now it's just becoming routine. I hate that it happens but, it's just gotten to the point where most everyone shrugs it off and goes on about their business. I should say, however, that overwhelmingly most visitors are nice and supportive not just to their chosen resident, but to ALL of us...and we love y'all for sending us the good vibes every day.

We DID have yet more sim the day before so YEY for that lol. Yesterday, even tho we didn't experience any of the griefing itself, we felt the aftershocks as the grid struggled to maintain/restore its stability. I'd like to say a big thumbs up & thank you to the staff at LL for keeping us up & running with only a few hiccups during yesterday's attack. I'd also like to say to the griefers...if this is all you have to do with your spare time & the way you choose to waste your sad.

I have to give a huge thank youuuuuu to some friends & designers who have been nice enough to smuggle me in a little fashion relief to keep me going! Ginny...Shai...Roslin (my volunteer shopper!! haha)...Killy...Trin...Ky...Moo...CC...Sol & Lur...Ally...thanks to you all for sending some goodies my way and keeping me looking kyooot (and more importantly...helping to satisfy my shopping cravings) while I'm in lockup! Also thanks for the fashion chats...cos if you hafta be trapped in a cage...what better to stand around and talk about (even if it does bore the guys!...and btw, guys, y'all left before the nekkie skin party began...OOOPS! *G*)?!!

I have a couple pics below of some ADORABLE earmuff/backpack sets from TrinityLynn Skye. They're breathtakingly cute and available at Splendicious Designs along with lots of other cold weather goodies. Trin is offering a 50% off sale for Big Brother residents! So take a min to im Trin and let her know you'd like to send your fave resident a little care package & show a gerbil some love!! <3

I also have to give a shout out to the We Love Your Jezus FOC Crew Band for coming out last night for another rousing show. Best only-in-SL quote ever from Gia Reymont: "i have a very important job for u. Can u sit on jesus so he wont get auto returned?" That pretty much sums it up. Really. There is just NO way I can improve on that comment. Thanks y'all...IMOGEN ROOLZ!!! <3 <3 <3 (and btw...stop GRIEFING me HAVER!!!)

Once day 7 starts at noon game time today, it will mark the last day that all 15 residents will be in the house. Come tomorrow (Friday), the three residents with the lowest number of votes will be sent home. I can't stress how important it is for everyone out there to take a little time to come and vote for your favorite resident...and then keep coming back each week to do it all again. AND come see us...peck on the cage...shout some encouragement. We need your love & support to keep us going...and we sure do appreciate it...more than y'all know!!

That's it for me this morning...ttfn! <3

/me runs away

Pretties: Hair - ETD Couture: The Updo in Citrus, Skin - Tete A Pied Redhead: Enigma Salmon (Snowman Pic) & Scarlet Seductress (Christmas Tree Pic), Clothes: CKS Designs "Autumn Leaves Cropped Twinset" in Pink (Snowman Pic) & Dazzle "Naughty" Dress (Christmas Tree Pic).

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