Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Introducing your Valedictorian...

Yah sooo....I have a cpl more of these I wanna do...I'm thinking grid downtime tomorrow is sounding like a perfecto time to stay focused and finish up! ;)

I'm so glad everyone's enjoying the clothes and the concept...thanks to all who have posted and im'd happy thoughts!!!! At Celeb's suggestion in her Second Style post...I've done the bios up on notecards and will be tucking them in w/the outfits...ty Celeb for the suggestion!!

Okies so now that I've yakked it up....onto your newest classmate!...

Valedictorian: This girl has it all...beauty...brains...confidence. She drives the boys crazy because they just can't keep up.

Likes: Chemistry, Foreign films, Anything academic

Dislikes: Jocks, Study hall, Anything that doesn't challenge her

Only Dates: The Smart Boys

Usually Found: Tucked away in some hidden corner of the library with her boyfriend...studying...of course.

This one's $L175...and available at CKS Designs, of course!

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