Monday, September 29, 2008


...I had a customer sort of suggest that the Essential Sweater Dresses should maybe include mesh skirts (when intially released it was merely prim skirts)...which is something I never considered being as my pear-shaped ass looks *horrid* in mesh's a really good suggestion that I *should've* thought of.

SO...anywho today I've made some mesh skirts and updated all the packs/boxes/bags/vendors etc...andddd...gone thru records and dropped the mesh skirts on everyone who bought dresses before today...

...SO...if you bought an Essential Sweater Dress or dresses and didn't receive your mesh skirts...please just drop me a notecard in world (make sure your name's on it o.O) and lemme know so I can get it to you!!!


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yesh! New Stuffs!!!

I've had a buncha requests to have the dress in the 'Victoria' set in different's release is...just that. ;)

The Essential Sweater Dress (yeah...I couldn't think of a more original name :P) is a sexy, chic, simple sheath-style knit sweater dress designed to look great on its own...or as a beautiful palette for all those belts, coats, jackets, sweaters, ponchos, scarves...and all those other great fall/winter accessories you collect and seem to never use enough. It's a piece you'll find yourself reaching for again and again to put together that perfect fall/winter look...and I hope you love it as much as I do! ;)

21 Yummy colors are available (and a 22nd that went out just to CKSD group members) at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby as well as SL Exchange & OnRez for $L165 each...$L300 for a pack of 3...or $L1500 for the entire pack of 21. Some piccies follow...happy shopping! ;) <333


Skin: Fleur - Vivant Sultry 3 in Buff, Hair: ETD - Hayden in Fire Burnt, Boots: Maitreya - Dune (Various Colors), Glasses: Dark Mouse - Catty Eye Sunglasses in Black

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Friday, September 19, 2008

The seasons are changing....

...and so...I decided to celebrate the beginning of fall with a little sale this weekend on fall/winter clothing...and then I thought about the people down under who are celebrating the arrival of summer...and thought hey...why not have a sale that gets you ready for both seasons?!!

SOoooooooo...from now until noon game time Monday (9/22/08) @ CKS Designs, selected seasonal items are 50% off!!! Selected items include many recent releases and popular it's a great time to snap up those warm weather/cool weather items!! Just look for the little sun/snowflake markers show in the pic above to locate the sale goodies!!

ALSO...I have a brand spanking new pj set...PJ Princess. It's an uber cute cropped graphic tank that comes with some sweet little matching panties and some cuddly warm pj it's just perfect for lounging around no matter what season you're in. In 5 yummy colors...and the best part is...for the duration of the sale you can pick up each and every one for free. Just look for the 5 little sun/snowflake gift boxes scattered around the shop to nab yours!!

I leave you with a pic of the free goodies...happy shopping...happy weekend...and happy fall OR spring...depending on what's going on in your world. ;) <333

Pretties: Skin - Fleur: Parfait Deux 3 in Strawberry, Hair - ETD: Brittany in Copper Burnt, Shoes - Next Step: Neko Slippers, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven

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Friday, September 12, 2008

YAYYY Pretties!!

A couple of new dresses today @ CKSD!!

'Victoria' started out with just the sweater...a cropped, crocheted piece with sculpted sleeves and a little sculpted peplum. Then I decided it would pair nicely with a basic knit dress. Soooo I added a black, above-the-knee length ribbed knit dress with a sculpted turtleneck & sleeves...the sort of thing that makes a great staple to your fall/winter wardrobe. The sweater comes in 10 bright colors...and is itself a great piece that will find multiple uses in your inventory!! Here's a couple of pics: ;)

'Caroline' is a sweet, floaty little mod confection of a cocktail dress...a halter-style babydoll with a sculpted collar and flexi skirt that comes in 4 vibrant colors, as well as white. I've been wearing it around (even half-finished :P) for a cpl days now...I'm in love with it!!

'Victoria' is $L275/single or $L630/pack (which includes the dress plus 10 sweaters) and 'Caroline' is $L165/single or $410/pack of 5. Both are available at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby as well as SL Exchange & OnRez. Happy weekend! :P <33333


Victoria Ads:

Skin: Fleur - Vivant Chaton 3 in Buff, Hair: Alice Project - Yuki in Dark Medium Brown, Shoes: Redgrave - Sculpted Leather Boots in Black, Earrings: Diamonde - Geometric Jewelry Set

Caroline Ads:

Skin: Fleur - Vivant Feline 3 in Buff, Hair: Aden - Sienna in LightBrown, Shoes: Shiny Things - Belles in Gold

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Friday, September 05, 2008

I've Been In A Football Frame Of Mind...

...and today's release at CKS Designs is reflecting that a bit. ;)

So once again a small idea blows up into a big one...and what started out as a pullover with changeable letters...ended up as an entire collection of separates. I showed my friend Dot a piccie of the pullover when I'd first started working on it...bemoaning the fact that I was having brain block when it came to thinking of a name (at that time it was still *just* the pullover :P)...and she came up with 'Old School'...which was faboo & perfecto and I begged to be allowed to use it. :P

'Old School' is a sporty collection of separates that make me think of crisp nights & cool days...pep rallies & bonfires...back to school and, of course, football. Pieces include the original pullover with changeable letter...a turtleneck with sculpted collar & sleeves that makes a great wardrobe staple for fall/winter...athletic-style shortie-shorts w/side stripe detail...a teenie cheerleader-style mini that you can wear with or w/o the included panties o.O...and some high-on-the-thigh snuggly fuzzy socks that come with and w/o the contrasting stripe detail. I've been wearing them all week...and it's making me ache to slip into cozy sweaters rw...still a tad too warm here though. :(

Pieces are available in a variety of colors, centered around 5 color combos...and can be purchased separately or in bundles of type and/or color...or the big 'ol Kit & Kaboodle. Prices vary, depending on what you want. I'm including pics of the color packs's the best way I know to give you a peek at everything!!!

As's available at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby, and will be up on SL Exchange & OnRez sometime tonight. Happy NFL Week One weekend! ;) <33

Skin: Fleur - Parfait Deux 2 in Strawberry, Hair: Curio - Gertrude in Dark Brown, Shoes: Kitties Lair - Francine Mary Janes in Black

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Thursday, September 04, 2008


It's football time again....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!111111111

So the one & only Dot Lane & I...being the girls & football lovers we are, decided to do a football blog this season. We're looking forward to having lots of fun with it!!!

Check it out at!!! <33333

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