Monday, July 16, 2007

Just for CC...

...cos I know she'll get it! :P

Stop the autoplay on the left first monkeys! ;)

I Wanna See The Rest!!

That Music Thingie Over There

Sooo..I updated my music thingie again..

I've been using the Imeem doohickiethingermajiggie but they've gone to a lot of 30 second clips. I really cba to dig up any info on why but basically keeping a list of things you find there is a pita cos you never know when they're gonna be truncated.

Also I don't want to spend 82 hours uploading musics to Imeem simply so I can blog it sooo..I've decided to just start a new list and upload songs here and there as I feel like it. Which means there is the strong possiblity it could NEVER be updated again. o.O


Anyway for whatever reason this past weekend I've been on a No Doubt kick...and I just had forgotten what a wonderful song 'Running' is. So there you's the only song on the list for now...but I can totally deal with hearing it when I load my blog cos I just think it's so sweet and perfect.

Someday I'll add more songs to the list. <33

I Wanna See The Rest!!

Helloooooooooo World

Sooooo...I've been...hmmmm.....

Having a Summer Vacation?

Mostly just keeping myself busy in world spending time with friends and taking a break from CKS and from other projects I've been working on...and getting caught up on some other things...and just kicking back and having some well as just having a little more time NOT doing SL things at all. (Yeah you know...that mythical RW place everyone talks about...) summer break is over and I'm digging back into work and such. I've been (I hope) keeping up with customer requests and CKS-related inquiries and such but if there's anything I've missed please don't hesitate to nudge me and tell me again! If I didn't respond to's not cos I was ignoring's just cos I didn't see it!!

Sooo once I get the ol blog updated a bit and get my email inbox under control...I'm gonna dive into look for a lil newness & prettiesss soon!!

Hope everyone's having an awesome summer!!!!


I Wanna See The Rest!!