Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My avatar has now spent EIGHTEEN days in a giant gerbilarium. Eighteen days of craziness...fun...drama...total lack of privacy...building...meeting people...and more people. Where has the time gone?!!

I'm not sure if anyone's seen this...but I thought I'd post up this little piccie of the HUD device we all wear that Big Brother uses to watch us! ;)

As I mentioned last week...we've definitely turned inward as the days have gone by. It seems like we went through first a period of clinging to our friends from outside the house...then through a period of turning to those inside the house...getting to know each other...working together on projects...generally having fun together...and now on to a bit of a more reflective period. We seem to have, in some ways, isolated a bit more...turning more to ourselves as visitors come less frequently...the days get longer...and the rooms get emptier. Don't get me wrong...there are those friendships that continue to grow and develop...but just in general tone...things have changed.

Unfortunately, the impending housemate vote has, I think, had a detrimental effect. Yesterday, when the announcement was made that we would be having a housemate vote for eviction, one resident im'd me within seconds suggesting whom she thought should be the target of the eviction. Not only had I not even considered whom I would vote yet...I mean...my mind was still kinda in...'ugh, I've been dreading this moment' mode, but also I wasn't really so much into the idea of someone else trying to sway me to a choice I may not even like. So...rather than say yes...no...maybe...I just basically rattled off a devil's advocate list of reasons NOT to vote that person...and then wrote the conversation off and moved on with other things. Lo and behold...today...the person who was the SUBJECT of said conversation asks me about something I allegedly said during it...which was actually said by the person who INSTIGATED the conversation. So here I am...thinking...wtf. I don't like drama. I don't engage in drama. I don't appreciate someone attempting to pull me into drama by totally misrepresenting me. I probably shouldn't even be blogging about it, as in some ways it's fueling the dramatasm a bit...but...gdi that annoys me. The only saving grace is that, fortunately, the person who asked me about it is levelheaded and one who believes in coming to the source rather than taking hearsay for granted. That, I can, and do, appreciate and respect. All I can say is, if this is an indication of how things are becoming, I'm really not sure it's worth it. </rant>

So even after the multiple announcements & surprises the day before...the BB people still had more for us today!! It seems those of us who are still surviving after the next round of evictions on Thursday will get a bit of a reprieve on December 24th & 25th...as our minimum requirement of daily online hours will drop from 8 to 3 on those two days. Thanks BB for the early Christmas gift!! Also, they let us know that our task for this week is to make an area for a dinner party...a nice table complete with food and all the trimmings...and a kitchen in which to prepare the food. Once again everyone has risen to the task...we have a table...chairs...dishes...food...kitchen...a lovely gazebo with a string quartet...it's going to be quite the scene once it's finished! The plan is that this is a dinner to welcome our returning Outcast...and say goodbye to our departing residents. As always, visitors can view the pretties by going around to the large sandbox room in the back of the house. This week's elimination will also be hosted in this room.

But hey...not everything is ranting and drama...we DO still have a lot of fun too! :D

Yesterday, I came back from an afk to this picture sent to me by Phay...who had cammed over to my room to take it. She entitled it...'Kit birthing a pose ball'. I just about spit Diet Pepsi all over the screen when I saw it...and so...despite the incredibly compromising position...I thought I'd share it anyhow! Thanks Phay...I think. :P

Also...Celeb Trollop INVADED OUR SACRED HABITRAIL last night...and xomg she was in for a while...I THINK SHE BREATHED OUR AIR!!!! At least tho she did stay calm and collected...none of that craziness I like to refer to as the 'Haver effect'. It's probably a good thing I'm in a cage...cos one day Haver will hunt me down for repeatedly blogging about her habitrail adventures...so if I ever disappear abrupt


Celebrity Trollop said...

zOMG!!! I breathed ur air!!!

Kit Maitland said...

I am in ur habitrail...breathing ur air!

The Diva said...

YOU ARE SHITTING ME!!! Celebrity was in the house and she didn;t even visit me!? OMG, what a bitch!


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