Thursday, December 21, 2006


/me takes a deep breath and blinks a little as the light of the outside world momentarily blinds her

Soo...our third evicton day...and what an exciting one it was!! Three residents leaving as the bottom 3 vote getters, one leaving as a result of a resident vote-out, and one Outcast coming back.

We began our day by dressing up and putting together a little photo spread. Check us out! ;)

From left to right: Simone Spicer, Lillani Lowell & PrincessNina Prefect (standing, left), Madlen Flint & Allatu Augustus (seated, front), Phaylen Fairchild (seated, back), Kit Maitland & Pannie Paperdoll (standing, right).

Quote Begging To Be Repeated from Lillani Lowell: You know.... this photo almost looks like an advertisement for a kinky western cathouse.

Once the time came, we made our way into the workroom to be seated at the lavish dinner we had prepared earlier in the week...and waited to hear the results.

First up, the Outcasts...King announced that our very own Golda Stein would be returning to the house from Outcast Island, meaning that Rencius Herber was out of the competiton. WTG Golda!!!! <33

Next up came the resident vote. After a tense buildup, King announced that Pannie Paperdoll was the resident chosen to be evicted by the house vote.

Then last were the vote results...the bottom 3 of whom would go home. Those 3 were TheDiva Rockin, Phaylen Fairchild, & meeeeee!!

So freedom, not so bad!! To be honest I've been on the fence about which is best, going or staying, for a little while now. In the end, I'm *really* glad I chose the adventure...but...I'm really glad to have my second life back too. I've missed my shop...I've missed my solitary little work platform (aka the WORST build in SL, per Bredero) and adventures with my friends...and my work. And Selby. And Imogen. I never realized, I don't think, how connected I am to *place* in SL. I've missed just being in those places my second life is lived in, and near the people it's lived with.

So to my friends, new & old, thanks so much for all the love you've shown me these past 20 days. You've made me feel truly blessed.

And to those six extraordinary ladies still living their second lives behind glass, the best of luck to all of you. I for one will be following your progress eagerly...waiting to see how you fare as more twists & turns are revealed. I hope you readers do the same. <333

If I am to be remembered for anything at all by those who shared the Big Brother house with's that...I, Kit Maitland, was the resident who brought you the /hoo! Cos in the end, it's all about the /hoo!!


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