Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm in the mood for...leggings :D

Hellooo out there!!!!

Hope everyone's coming thru the grid struggles from this latest update ok...lotta great features this time I guess we all hang in there as it gets better!!!!! :D

So yesterday...well actually day before...cos my avi has worn the SAME OUTFIT for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT...*Gasp*...I'm slipping...BUT...I put on the leggings from the Band Geek outfit with a skirt from Mischief...and I I want more leggings! :D

Sooo today I made 3 little short skirty/legging outfits to satisfy my craving!

I tried to make each in a bit of a different hopefully there's a little something for everyone there! My personal fave is the 'Preppy' one (big surprise there huh? haha)!

So here are some piccies AND you can get em as always at CKS Designs for $L250 each...AND...IF you're a member of the CKS Designs group then you got one of em freee! BTW...don't tell anyone BUT you can STILL join and get the freebie from today's notice! ;)

As always I tried to make the pieces so they'll work nicely with other things...I'm a dedicated wardrobe masher myself...<3

OH...also I put the 'Preppy' outfit into one of the ppl seem to have been using those and getting good deals! So as long as I'm getting positive feedback on em I'll prolly just try to keep them updated with new stuff as it comes out!

Ok I'mma stop rambling now..enjoy! :D

Pretties: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Redhead Auburn in Barest Tone 30, Hair - ETD: Merry in Burgundy Burnt, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven, Shoes - Shiny Things: Mary Jane Clogs in Black.

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