Wednesday, December 20, 2006

...and the tension mounts...

Sooo day 19 is done....and we're only one day away from our next elimination. Actually not an entire day away...about 20 hours away, in fact.

And so we spend our respective time...reflecting...talking...knowing some of us are together inside the house for the last time...pondering...worrying...unsure about what's to come...unsure about even which is best at this point, going or staying.

So...I'd really just rather not post about drama today. Let's just's there. It's tense. People on the inside and outside are involving themselves in it. And I think the overwhelming majority of us are just bored of it at this point.

Instead I'd like to say this: To my housemates...thank you. Thank you for the laughs...and the long talks...for those who have opened up and gotten to know me...and let me get to know you...for those who have been kind...for those who have awed me with your talents...for those who have earned my respect with the poise and grace with which you have borne this often stressful (understatement) endeavor...for those who have just been yourselves and said to hell with what's going on out there...let's just enjoy this and have fun. And, mostly, thanks to those who have really become friends. I look forward to many adventures OUTSIDE the habitrail with you. If I go home tomorrow...there is no way I'd ever consider myself a loser in this experience...and y'all are the reasons why. Best of luck to you all...with the remainder of this competition...and with your second lives. <33

If those of you reading this haven't come to vote yet...for whomever you support...please do. There's not much time left now...evictions will be at 10:00am game time tomorrow (Thursday). Here's your landmark...please don't forget us gerbils! <3

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The Diva said...

Thank YOU Kit! I have very much enjoyed your bloggies. I am so glad to have gotten to chat with you, goof with you, and hopefully start a long lasting friendship with you!

p.s. I consider myself to be more of a Guineapig than a gerbil or hamster. ;)