Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Okies all you out there!!

Here's a pic of Phay & me...that is in DIRE need of a caption!!!

Help us out!!! :D

I'm gunna give a little giftie to the writer of the one we like best!! <33


Melanie said...

Please go vote for my husband, Chris, in the "sweet job" contest! I'm sorry for spamming your blog, but he is a really awesome guy, he really deserves this, and I really want him to win. So vote, pretty please? You can vote everyday until December 20th! Click here to vote!

Joseph Montagne said...

"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Michael Jackson

Seonaid said...

The obvious thing to do would be to post another chicken and road joke, so instead I'll post one you missed at the Big Horn Lounge yesterday...

"How many Lindens does it take to change a lightbulb?"
"Ooo, look! We can [insert new feature here] now!"