Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Day In Gerbilland

So now it's been a little over a week since we entered our new home. It's amazing how, with some experiences, time can seem to fly yet stand still...this, for me, is one of them. While the minutes and hours tick away on that ghastly timer HUD they have attached to each of us...the one I've learned to amazingly ignore for the most part even though it takes up like an eighth of my screen...they drag drag drag...and yet...somehow...the days fly fly fly.

Day 10 was pretty quiet...pretty subdued...the rush and furor of the first weekend have definitely died down. While our first, taskless, weekend was spent dancing and sexxxoring and pulling all kinds of silly antics to entertain the crowd...our second taskless weekend was spent mainly relaxing & talking with friends, supporters, and each other. I think everyone is feeling a bit of the stress of the grind...and everyone has needed a bit of time to just regroup and refocus. I know personally I spent my Sunday mostly watching football and catching up on some much needed sleep (logging 15+ hour days does take its toll)...with intermittent bursts of online time (mostly late last night and early today). One of my roomies has the flu...and I feel bad for her...I can't imagine spending all this time at the computer sick...bleh. :(

So mostly we hung out with our friends...with others' friends...some of whom have become our friends too by now (which is also pretty cool). Talked...laughed...joked...and just generally kicked back, knowing that the new week would bring a new task, new challenges, new drama, new experiences...and now knowing that, even though the mintues and hours tick by slowly, the days will surely fly until we hit the next elimination.

This morning was also pretty quiet...when I logged in there was a resident who needed some help linking some stuff in the sandbox so it could be picked up. Besides her, only myself, another current resident, and another former resident showed up to attempt to there really weren't many residents on, which is unusual for a weekday morning.

We did finally get our 2nd task today!! Yeyyyyy!! The tasks are nice because well...1) It's nice to have something to actually DO....2) It's nice to work together...get to know the other residents...and see their talents...3) They actually have pushed me to accomplish more in the way of building than I thought I was capable of. This week's task is to build a pirate ship!!!! OOOOOOOOooooo...sounds like fun huh?! The ship needs to be able to move (they say it will transport the winner to his/her new island). After the Christmas tree task, I have NO doubt that something amazing will come of be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the sandbox as it takes shape. The downside: we really only have (barely) three days to finish time will be tight for sure. (It has to be finished by Thursday, 3:00am game time).

Our next elimination day will be Thursday, Dec 14, @ 10:00am game time...and two people will be sent home (only 2 since Simon withdrew himself from the competition this week). With all the quiet we've had in the days since elimination...I hope people are still coming out to vote! Pleaseeeeee don't forget about us gerbils...:D...cos, really, this competetion has only just begun. If you came out to vote last week, come back, bring a friend (or 10), and do it all again, for come Thursday 2 more of us will have to say adios. Also, peck on the cage, chat, be silly...get to know some of us while you're there...we love company...and we're a pretty captive audience! :P

That's me for now...seeya round the habitrail! <33


Jim Honey said...

We haven't forgotten to vote Kit.

I would have kept you company too if you hadn't kept crashing each time I turned up...
... a guy can take a hint you know!


Kit Maitland said...

/me frowns at SL :D