Thursday, December 14, 2006

OK...SO Kit...

...please stop ur incessant rambling & tell us about the funnnn stuff?!!!! K? Thx! :D

SO today we had our second elimination day...and the BB people threw in a fun twist!!

At 10:00am game time, we all gathered in our pirate gear to hear the news. Allie & Lilli won immunity by virtue of being voted by their peers (in a tie!) as those who had been the most helpful in the weekly task. Then they began to call the names of those who were staying, one by one. Tension mounts. I, of course, so true to Kit form, crashed. Then I came back to see King Ventura announcing that Rencius would be leaving, along with Golda.'s the twist. Rencius and Golda have been moved to ANOTHER island...outcast island...where they will spend the week. They have their own voting board, totally separate from our main voting system. Whichever one of them receives the most votes will get to return to the house next week. Does this mean that the BB people will be sending four people home next week instead of just three? Hard to must cool of the BB people to toss in this little twist to keep the game makes you wonder what else they'll have hidden up their sleeves before this is all over!!

Elimination day this week, while still stressful, was not as bad this week for me personally. I think mostly because (and I'm not the only one who's expressed this) while I'd love to win...freedom doesn't necessarily seem a bad option either. I think I've sort of made peace with the whole thing...and that pretty much eases any pressure I feel on myself. The stress I feel now is more for my friends who might have to go...not so much for me personally. 13 is done...we're starting on a new week...week three...amazing how quickly the days fly fly fly...and we're all back at square one again...urging...cajoling...begging all of you to come vote vote vote for us!!

In the meantime I wanna say thanks thanks thanks once again to everyone for the chats & love...goofiness & sincere conversations. What a trip this has all been, and continues to be!! <33

Also...I wanna share some pics from day 13!!

ARRRrrrrgghhhHHHH's one of my roomie Nina & me in our pirate gear! I doubt two hawter pirates ever sailed the high seas. :P

...and Phay...well...NAUGHTY girl PWNED me with a what did I do?!! A lil buffalo hooing...that's what! :P

Also...Miss Ally was nice enough to send me a lil care package with some yummy necklaces and earrings from Earthtones Boutique. They're soooo adorable..and I LURVE the little bow on the back!! TYTYTY Ally!!! <33

Also Jax Huskerdo was nice enough to drop these boots on me cos she thought they'd look great with my pirate outfit..and...she was right!!! Check em out at Shop Sogo! TY Jax...I love em! :D

Soooo...I guess that's about me for now. Oh...did I say come VOTE!?!!!!



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