Sunday, November 26, 2006

Newww Stufff?!!! WOW!!!

Ok that the Thanksgiving holiday is over and I'm stuffed to the gills with mom's turkey & gravy and I'm all home again...time to get back to some work! <3

Tonight I have a simple, fun little outfit called 'Playful' 6 fresh, yummy colors! It's actually something I started a while back and hadn't finished...and had just sort of lost in my massive, asset-sucking inventory. Then on Thursday morning when I was bopping around waiting for the hubby to be ready to get on the ROAD already...I found it and thought..HEY...why did I never finish that?!! it is! This top is also grreat with jeans! :D

OF course I'm including pix...and of course they're available at CKS Designs for $L225 each!

Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving this past week had a great one!!! :D

Pretties: Skin - Tete A Pied:Redhead in Gamine Apricot, Hair - Panache:Baby Jane in Autumn Light, Earrings - Gurl6:Silver Hoops, Shoes - 7 Deadly Sins:Helena Shoes

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