Monday, January 29, 2007


someone go to the grocery store for me?

pretty please?

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Friday, January 26, 2007


CC & Phay have finally gone round the bend...


/me runs away

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things I Love In SL Today:

1) The poses from Luth at Reel Movement that make my ao so fun.

2. Dances from Sine Wave Island.

3. Socks from Celestial Studios.

4. Lingerie from Nymphetamine.

5. Every single content creator out there...because you're the people who bring our Second Lives to life. <333

Pretties: Skin - Celestial Studios: Redhead Auburn Tone 20 in Frosting, Earrings - Gurl6: Silver Hoops (all photos).

#1: Hair - Naughty Designs: Cassie in Black Pearl, Shoes - Shiny Things: Mary Jane Clogs in Cream, Clothes - CKS Designs: Snow Crash.

#2: Hair - ETD: Punkish in Burgundy Burnt, Clothes - CKS Designs: Head Cheerleader.

#3: Socks - Celestial Studios: Lulu OTK Torn in Earths - Brown & Lulu Knee-Hi Dots in Earths - Brown, Leg Warmers - Celestial Studios: Lulu Legwarmers in Earth - Navajo White, Hair - ETD: Meghan in Mocha Burnt, Sweater - CKS Designs: Autumn Leaves Twinset in Camel, Skirt - CKS Designs: Preppy.

#4: Lingerie - Nymphetamine: Lacie Set in White, Hair - Celestial Studios: Debutante Hair in Henna.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Woooo I'm in Werky Mode

Gots more newness this the form of a little white sweater dress that was inspired by a Miu Miu dress that I just love! <33

I decided to call it 'Snow Crash'. It comes with ear muffs & stockings also!! It's available at CKS Designs, as well as SLexchange & SLboutique for $L225.

CKS Designs group members got this one as a hey...join the group already!!

Here's a pic...then I am off to feed my American Idol addiction!! :D

Pretties: Skin: Celestial Studios - Charmed Tone 20 in Glitter Silver 2, Hair: Naughty Designs - Cassie in Black Pearl, Shoes: Shiny Things - Mary Jane Clogs in Cream, Earrings: Gurl6 - Silver Hoops.

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Hi, I'm Kit....

...and I'm addicted to American Idol.

Yes, it's that time of year again!! When those among us who are Idolaholics gather around our televisions to watch people from all across the country make utter fools of themselves by shamelessly demonstrating their complete lack of talent to a national audience. least that's what's going on right now. Later on we will gather to cheer on our favorites and get really, really angry over who has to go and who gets to stay.

SO...I just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow AI addicts out there. <333

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm feeling somewhat atonal :)

So...I felt like doing some playing around with some black & white textures! :)

It's been a while since I delved into Mod territory. I used to made Mod/retro outfits regularly b/c my friend Beck Melville did a lounge invasion event every week and I liked having something new and in theme to wear there. But...after amassing a small collection of what Beck dubbed as my "go-go dresses" I sort of lost interest a bit and turned to other things...andddd rw has pulled Beck away from his regular weekly gigs at The Lodge. Lately, though, I've been in the mood to revisit that territory a bit...and so I worked on this sharply geometric texture...and decided that if my eyes didn't fall out from looking at it in photoshop that it might make a fun little outfit! I decided to call this one 'Assimilation'. I was looking for a word that evoked the concept of 'extreme order'...and maybe a little of that cold war paranoia as well...that's just how this texture came across to me. Probably you know I overthink this stuff. But I like the name anyhow. Why am I rambling about this?!!! Here's a pic! I made stockings and tights. The tights are really more Mod...but I thought some might prefer stockings I tossed in both. Also, the sheer sleeves are worn on the undershirt the turtleneck can be worn with our without them. <3

So then in my b/w frame of mind...I started thinking about this dress with an inverted V bodice...white on on bottom...and then it sort of evolved into what I have here...which is a set that includes a cpl different skirt styles...a top with or without the sheer lower portion...some leggings...foofy sleeve ruffles...kinda girly and fun and versatile. Sometimes I just make outfits and kinda keep thinking...'Oh that would be nice...and THAT would be nice...'...and before I know it...BOOM...cajillion pieces. But I like to mix & match things from different hopefully the versatility is helpful. I decided to call this one 'Harmony'. Not sure why...I just liked it. So here's a pic! <33

So that's more info than you ever wanted about the inner workings of Kit's brain right there!!!

Of course both outfits are available at CKS Designs, as well as SLexchange & SLboutique. 'Assimilation' is $L250 & 'Harmony' is $L300. I did put no-txfr version of each into the Mobvends as bring yer homeys & you can get em for up to half off.

Baibai for now! <33333


Assimilation Ad: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Redhead Auburn in Drama Tone 30, Hair - ETD: Modish in Burgundy Burnt, Shoes - Tickled Pink: Luveys in White, Earrings - Gurl6: Silver Hoops

Harmony Ad: Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Medium in Gamine Cherry, Hair - ETD: Tessa in Black Chromed, Shoes - Shiny Things: Lollys in Blackwhite, Jewelry - Celestial Studios: Lulu Heart Dangle Earrings & Lulu Jellies

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some Newness :)

So yesh I do have some more lingerie to release today...and I think I may be over my lingerie thing for now at least...we'll see! ;)

As I was telling my friend Phay the other night...I have so many outfits/projects/ideas that are partly finished...I really need to buckle down and focus in on getting them tied up and all ready! I just seem to have such an aversion to work this month...and more of an affinity for socializing, shopping, and rw!! But then I always go through periods of intense work and well, not-so-intense work. I guess it keeps me from going nuts!!!

Soooo...what I have today is a little lacy bra/panty set with a brocade corset that has attached garters and matching stockings. It's called 'Temptation' & comes in 10 rich, jewel-tone colors. As I did with the 'Seduction' set, I've included a pic of one color (Plum)& also a pic from the pack to show the range of colors (cos 10 pics would be just way too annoying for ALL of us!!). As you can see, I had a little fun with the modeling pole doing these ads! Also...check out that glorious new Tete A Pied skin...yummy yummy!! <33

They're available at CKS Designs & at SLexchange & SLboutique for $L225 each or $L1125 for the pack!!

Enjoy!...& stay tuned for some NON-lingerie coming soon! <3333

Pretties: Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Medium in Janvier Cocoa, Hair - ETD Couture: The Pullback III in Citrus Rooted, Shoes - Sylfie's Prim Seductions: Origins Stilettos in Steel/Black, Earrings - Luminosity: Pearl Jewelry Set.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Newwww Prettieessss WOOOOOHOOOOO

YEYYY finally some new stuffs!!!! :D

So I've had some lingerie on the brain...and am thinking of more to come...but today's set is a lil satin/mesh number that I'm kinda wantin' to just wear around everywhere now cos I like it!!! o.O

It features a bra...two babydoll prim ruffles (cos I couldn't decide which texture/pattern I liked most!!), panties, a garter, & stockings. I also included a panty + garter underpants layer cos I hate it when I can't wear my garters under prim skirts too! <333

As always it's available at CKS Designs & at SLexchange & SLboutique. This one is $L250 and comes in 10 yummy colors...I'm putting up a pic of the red one & of the pack so y'all can get an idea of all the colors!!

Happy Non-Update Wednesday!!!!!!!!! <33333

Pretties: Hair - ETD:Bonita in Copper Burnt, Skin - Celestial Studios Redhead Auburn Tone 30 in Drama, Jewelry - Miriel:Casual Pearls, Shoes - ETD:Color-Change Mary Janes NG, Lashes - Lynnix's Lashes in Feathered.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

It's not a *sale* per se...but...

So one of the things I've wanted to get to doing for a lil while now and the task I had set as my first of the new year is done! YEYYYY!!!

I went through my inventory (not my personal sales inventory...going thru my personal inventory would take a team of monkeys 8 cajillion years to accomplish) and did a thorough evaluation/repricing of items.

What does this mean? It means a LOT of prices have come down. I knew I had a lot of older items that were prolly priced too high...and maybe even some newer ones. Some prices have stayed as is...but most have changed...some quite siginificantly...across the board. In addition, I made a clearance/sales/freebie rack in the shop on which I put some drastically reduced older items. There'll be more items moved to that rack in the somewhat near I continue to cull older things. :D all items in the main shop and all satellite/rental well as those on SLexchange & SLboutique have been thoroughly checked & repriced!! Whew!!

SO...come on in...check it out...enjoy!! <33

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HAPPY 2007!!!!!!

HELLOOOO out there!!!!!!!

No I have not died...annnnd HIII to all who have been saying...Kit UPDATE UR BLOG!!!

I've just been sooooooo distracted the past cpl weeks. BB took a lot out of me...just that constant 3 weeks of grind. Then the holidays were upon me...sooo...busy with friends & family & visiting & guests etc. that my last houseguests are gone (as of yesterday)...I can finally get back to the business of my Second Life! <333



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