Sunday, December 03, 2006

Big Brother: Day Two!

...wha? ...ppl are reading this?! :P

HI everyone! THANKS to everyone who IM'd and came over to say HIiii and engage in our goofiness...and THANKS for voting and bringing friends to vote too!!

Day 2 has been interesting!! Right now we just sort of hang out and talk to peeps who come see us (which is awesome...I know what inmates must feel like now when they get visitors lol)...and do entertaining stuff like dancing in our silks...which one of our male housemates seems to NOT like us doing! o.O Quote: "Belly dancing sluts will NOT get votes that way!"...which...well...a) I never realized belly dancing made one a SLUT :P...and b) I beg to differ since that comment get met with a round of "GOT MY VOTE!"'s!!!

SO YES...THERE'S DRAMA!! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!! Some ppl seem to be TENSE already...ppl have muted ppl...ETC. Also some DRAMA between the fans who are coming out to support their respective BB residents and other fans...other residents...etc. Boobies, belly dancing, & drama in the virtual world...does it GET any better?!!!! /me snorts

We're supposed to have some tasks given to us to perform...but so far we've not had any given to us. SOOoo we're left to our own devices...since we HAVE to log 8 hours per day. Therefore for the forseeable future I figure it's more lingerie-wearing, belly-dancing, poseball antics and ZEE dRRRAMAS! :D If y'all haven't come by to check it out you SHOULD!! The sim is called Kingdom Of Media...and here's a landmark! :P

Here's a cool pic I took today of my roommate Pannie Paperdoll & I washing the windows of our big glass cage!

As I said we weren't really *assigned* rooms but ppl kinda grouped and chose space to work/live in. We are free however to build and move anywhere within the house. My other roomie is PrincessNina Prefect. Pannie & Nina are awesome and we've been having so much matter what happens this will go down as a great SL adventure...and I'm so glad I decided to do it!!

Okies so...I've yakked eyes are tired of staring at the screen and I need a break! :P

THANKS again to everyone who's come out AND come BACK!!! And come if you haven't!! AND oh did I BEG and PLEAD for you to come vote?!! On Dec 7th, the 3 ppl with the least number of votes will be YESH PLEASE come vote for me!!! Just once a week! :P

ALSO there's a group called....**Keep Kit Caged**'s open join so JOIN UP and show me some love!!!!

And come peck on the glass...:D :D :D

OKies I'm OUT for now...sorry for the manic post...I think I'm on a sugar/insomnia/caffeine rush or something! :P

Ethan are you reading this?!!!...I'm going out for a CHAI LATTE...mwaahahahahaaaa..../me runs away

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Ethan Logan said...

Yes, of course I'm reading this! I'm getting back at you by getting a Venti, whipped, pumpkin, mochaliciouschinolatte with three extra shots of espresso and covered in drama sprinkles! I'm placing new batteries in my tense-o-meter and will be back. This is so Xciting!