Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I just cleaned my yahoo inbox...from 1200+ messages down to just 6!!!!

Various & sundry 'Kit has crashed' offlines I found in the course of the cleanout...the compliation of which amuses me:

[11:40] Roslin Petion: are you crashing again?

[11:30] Roslin Petion: yessss?
[11:31] Roslin Petion: oh and you crashed again
[11:31] Roslin Petion: haha

[10:08] Roslin Petion: /me waves
[10:08] Roslin Petion: Grrr, I thought you were on

[16:53] Tuber Potato: hello?
[16:53] Tuber Potato: o, srry
[16:53] Tuber Potato: crap you misappeared

[11:27] Jim Honey: What are you up to Kit? SL don't like it.

[17:15] Jim Honey: That wasn't me.

[17:53] Jim Honey: Its not me... I swear.

[17:03] Menno Ophelia: kit?

[13:06] Shiraz Mandelbrot: Oh! Guess you're off. Talk to you later
then :)

[16:02] Jim Honey: Aww. Gone :(

[12:22] Tuber Potato: OMG, you crashed, then I crashed, and the fucker is offline now...

[8:26] Menno Ophelia: And you need to stop crashing..its so 2006

[21:25] Jz Boa: ok
[21:25] Jz Boa: bye

[17:00] Tuber Potato: /me maps ur ass
[17:00] Tuber Potato: doh

[16:04] Tuber Potato: did you get the TP?

[9:55] TaP Shepherd: yo
[9:55] TaP Shepherd: damn, I thought I saw you on before.

[23:15] Balejack Horton: wher eu?

[23:38] Balejack Horton: sokay ;)
[23:38] Balejack Horton: omg again?

[0:10] Balejack Horton: u wth me?

[12:17] Jim Honey: You were showing off-line.

[23:07] Courtlyn Cunningham: omg u here?

[18:38] Trillian Granville: DAMN KIT, GET BACK HERE!

[22:38] Ethan Logan: still there?

[20:56] Roslin Petion: WB crasher
[20:56] Roslin Petion: oh wait, maybe not

[18:29] Trillian Granville: you crashy crash, me have kid bothering me
[18:29] Trillian Granville: ill be back if possible

[10:52] Trillian Granville: damn, you crashed
[10:52] Trillian Granville: im gonna go get some food, be back in a bit

[23:44] Balejack Horton: ?

[15:52] Echo Seigo: you here?

[18:12] Trillian Granville: hey baby
[18:12] Trillian Granville: damn, you are gone

[22:29] Balejack Horton: crash?

[21:46] Echo Seigo: you dirty crasher

[12:53] Zhuge Taiko: hey kit
[12:54] Zhuge Taiko: gahh sorry was showing you as being on line

[21:52] Balejack Horton: omg that was the quickest crash uve ever done

[20:01] Echo Seigo: lol i was just telling you a story and you logged
[20:01] Echo Seigo: good timing :)

[17:48] Trillian Granville: are you here?

[11:52] Echo Seigo: where you at?

[19:29] Courtlyn Cunningham: where did u go
[19:29] Courtlyn Cunningham: lol

[13:48] Balejack Horton: /me waves into the empty cyberspace where Kit
should be
[13:48] Balejack Horton: ;)

[12:47] Tuber Potato: hey, you still there?

[12:18] Stan Pomeray: Where did you go?

[17:59] Echo Seigo: thanks
[17:59] Echo Seigo: wb yourself
[17:59] Echo Seigo: omg you crashed again!

[17:48] Tuber Potato: are you doing anything atm?
[17:48] Tuber Potato: besides crashing
[17:48] Tuber Potato: lol

[17:47] Echo Seigo: back i crashed
[17:48] Echo Seigo: and it appears you did as well

[16:02] Echo Seigo: you're so the dirty crasher!

[11:11] Tuber Potato: did you crash?

[10:22] Enzzo Austinmer: ok im off crasherson
[10:22] Enzzo Austinmer: bye!

[23:01] Tuber Potato: did you misappear
[23:01] Tuber Potato: o Yep

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Why... I find it amusing that LL called me 'Kim' in this response to a ticket I submitted?!!


We have solved your issue

Solution: Hi Kim.

We restarted Selby, that should have solved the problem.


Ticket Information:
Ticket #: 4051-4232375
Date Created: 8/12/2007 5:57 PM WEST

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ana posted this on her blog so of course I had to do it too!!

You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart.
You often don't follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. And you do break a lot of hearts.

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do.
You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding

When other people don't get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dear Bloggers:

So one consequence of my little 2-monthish break is that I've gotten so dreadfully behind on blog-reading and pretty much what's been going on in the blogworld period!!

I've been working like crazy trying to get caught up on as much of what I missed as possible...and also in updating my own blog in terms of links etc. So many new blogs have cropped up and it seems like every day I find another that I want to link...SO hopefully someday I'll manage to ferret them all out and get them linked up. o.O

But I digress...because what I really wanted to talk about here was the incredible awkwardness of sending a message to someone you've never met (or in many cases simply haven't talked to much at all). Now...maybe it's just me...I'm not sure if like...other people feel that way or not...but it's kinda like...'Hi you don't know me and I don't know you and maybe stuff I make is completely not your taste and all but HERE I'm gonna give you this stuff to bloat your inventory even though I'm sure you get constant inventory bloatage anyhow!!'.

Soooo...first I wanna say thanks to all of you for dealing with that...and secondly that if you're a blogger and I've never dropped any samples on you it's probably because:

1. Sometimes I'm lazy.
2. I'm shy. (Yes I can hear the laughter now from people who know me that are reading this but it's actually true...I AM shy...especially when it comes to my work.)
3. I basically run around clueless much of the time in SL.
4. The aforementioned awkwardness.
5. I don't want to bloat your inventory further with things you may not like.
6. I hate to think anyone feels I have some 'expectation' of a review if they don't like something. (I don't!)
7. I've never managed to see your blog, somehow. o.O
8. Did I mention I'm lazy, shy, awkward, & clueless?!!

Pick your choice of reason or combo of reasons from the above...they're all true at one time or another!!

SOOOOO...while I continue to awkwardly drop random things on people I don't know (or barely know...but eventually GET to know!! :D)...if you're a blogger who would like a review copy of something/somethings particular that you see, please don't hesitate to drop me an im in world!!

AND...thanks to you all for the variety of wonderfully creative blogs out there. I love pics...I love seeing how different people put outfits together in different ways...and I love it when someone hits on a combination (especially for my own stuff) that I would've never thought of myself! Keep up the great work!!

Laterrrrrs!! <333

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Way....

...I actually made something!!

JTFC I've forgotten how to post in SLX/SLB (which has mysteriously become OnRez during my absence) & the forum and stuff. Still think I know how to blog though. :D

So a new dressie to kick things off...maybe the only release *this* week though I have more in the works...because I still have so many other things to catch up on. But the bug was biting at me and so here's what we got! ;)

It's a simple, elegant little semi-formalish dress that I decided to call 'Grace' after a friend who saw me in it with my little bitch stick ciggie holder & blonde hair said 'you look like Zsa Zsa'...and I replied...'WTF Zsa Zsa no...more like Grace Kelly!'. It's a simple, summery linen texture with a pretty lace bodice & sash (with a little flexiprim bow in the back) & a lace-trimmed knee-length flexiprim skirt.

/me pauses to wonder why I still use 'flexiprim' to describe things when pretty much ALL skirts now are flexiprim (unless they're sculptie...)

/me also pauses now to ponder in wonder at the probably millions now of SL residents who have no recollection of life before flexiprims...

Ok so can get it at CKS Designs in Selby, SLexchange, & OnRez for $L200/each or $L500/pack.

Some piccies are belowwww's nice to be back to werk. :D <3333

Pretties: Skin - Tete a Pied: Feline 3 in Buff (to be released 8/20/07), Hair - ETD: Anisa in Dirty (one of the new textures Elika released in her group freebies that will be in the shop once it reopens after the sale ends on 8/17/07), Shoes - Shiny Things: Lazy Zig Zag Shoes in White, Jewelry - Earthtones Boutique: Destiny, Heiress of Time set, Bitch Stick (aka ciggie/ciggie holder) - Foxy's Smoke Shop: Aly Gold Bitchstick

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iTunes Is Dangerous

And I'm a downloading fool.

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More Yummie Skin Goodness!!

Okies...more sneaker peeker skins from Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied and once again I just *have* to share some cos I'm going gaga over these makeups!!

Also I have to send some props out to Elika...for this FAB new 'Dirty' texture that she put out in her preview packs that went out to the ETD group. It's the most amazing blonde I've ever seen in SL...I love it so much it's prompted me to go blonde for a while! o.O

AND props to Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot for the sweet background...which, like the bg I used in the previous skin post, is a part of her newish (I'm a slow blogger lately lol...kinda new to ME) Frames pack for the Photosphere. They're all just fabbbbolisciousness and with all you can already do with the Photosphere they're sooo versatile.

Sooo anywho I said in my previous post that the new Tete line includes some really great new makeup styles...and if you're a makeup girl like me you're gonna be gaga over it!! ;)

This is the Basic Nude 3 in the Buff skin tone. I'm such a fan of the heavy eye and the shiny, nude lips. The new lip on these skins is just fantastic.

Okies this one is my ABSOLUTE fave...the Biba series. This is Biba 2 in the Buff skin tone. I totally dig the uber heavy eye and those marvelous, sultry red lips. I love how Ros managed to pull off something that's edgy and so classy at the same time...I feel like Marlene Dietrich when I wear it!! ...and you should see the one with the nude lips...just WOW.

This is the Glam 1 in the Buff skin tone...a glittery, glossy confection that's so elegant and refined.

This is Rebelle 2 in the Buff skin tone. I love the balance here...the uber heavy liner and the gorgeously blended, lighter shadow.

Anddd this is the Sultry 3 in the Buff skin tone. Fabulous eyes that are smoky without being too heavy (yesh I realize not everyone likes heavy black liner/shadow like I do :P) and great understated yet strong lips.

I've said this in the past...but the thing I really really REALLY love about Tete skins...beyond the the totally different look I can get from one to the next...the fact that when Roslin does the makeups she puts effort into designing new styles and combinations. I've noted a cpl other skinners making an effort at this recently as well...but undoubtedly Tete was the first to do so and remains the standard, imho, for imaginative, innovative, stylish faces.

They'll be available on Monday...get ready!! <33333

Pretties: Hair - ETD: Anisa in Dirty (preview be released after her sale), Jewelry - Earthtones Boutique: Destiny, Heiress of Time Set, Clothes - CKS Designs: Grace.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'd Like To Take A Moment express my newly remembered annoyance at the fact that we are forced into having symmetrical sleeves on the in-world clothing tools.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yummm Sneakie Peekie Skins!!

Soooo Ms Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied has sneaked me a few preview skins from the soon to be released Vivant line...and I'm in luuurvvveeee...and couldn't resist passing along a little sneak peek of these sweet new makeups!!

As always, Roslin has really outdone herself with some really fantastic and imaginative new makeups...this is but a very very very small sample. You'll be able to see them all when the Vivant line is released on Monday (8/20/07). TaP group members and invited guests will get a sneak preview on Sunday (8/19/07). ;)

So enough-a that..on with the pretties!!

One part of the new line is the 'Basic' series...which are sort of basic color palletes done in one lip color with 3 differing eye shadow styles. What I have here is the Basic Pink series:

This is the Basic Pink 1 in the Blush skin tone.

Basic Pink 2 also in the Blush skin tone.

Anddd..this is the Basic Pink 3 in the Buff skin tone.

I love the shimmery, pouty lips...and the great shading on the nose. Also the brows are EXQUISITE (and...yeyyy...nicely modable too!!). The eyes, as always, are exquisite...I especially love the smokiness of the #3 Basics.

Also some decidedly NON basic makeups are included in the new line...including this one...which I L O V E...the Feline series:

This one's my's Feline 1 in the Buff skin tone. Heavy liner + nude lips is one of my favorite looks...and I adore the 'cat's eye' liner Roslin did here. It's sort of a bit of a Mod look...and I H E A R T it!!!

This is the Feline 2 in the Buff skin tone. As you can see...a bit more color...but it's sooo subtly's just divine.

Anddd this is the Feline 3 in the Buff skin tone. The Mistress of the Red Lip (remember Janvier & Fevrier? OMG) strikes again...with these shimmery, pouty, lighter red lips that come off more like sweet cherry punch than uber seductress.

BTW...I realize I only talk about makeup here...but trust me...the rest of the skin is fab too...including the awesome TaP cleavage wooo...but I'm going to leave it to the many bloggers who are more accustomed to blogging skin to show you some of the finer points! I'm a make-up girl myself!! ;)

That's me for now...everyone be getting ready for skinnnnnn!!!!

Pretties: Hair - ETD: Lisa II in Honey Burnt, Top - CKS Designs: Chelsea...and that lovely background courtesy of Miss Saeya Nyanda's fab Photosphere!!

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Get It While You Can!!!

Just a reminder that the big sale at the CKS Designs main shop in Selby is over at noon game time tomorrow (8/15/07).

Everything in the shop is currently marked down to half price and will remain so until then!! Happy shopping!!! <333

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Buh Bye Update Groups?!!

Okies I've put a new Subscribe-O-Matic up in the main shop in Selby.

After testing it out...I'm really pleased with how it works...and I think y'all will be too!! It's easy to use...and so nice to be able to get the same notices, announcements, & freebies without the use of a valuable group slot or the annoyance of group chatter from others!!

I've closed join on the CKS group for now...and asked group members to try out the subscribe-o-matic and give me some feedback. I'm going on the assumption that they're gonna find it as great as I have thus far...and the plan is to phase out and close the CKS group...probably at the end of August.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

News Flash

The Browns still suck.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Paper or Plastic??

Okies so I've been mulling over doing some vendor changes and in an effort to not decide everyone thinks like me...I'd like to call all you shoppers out there to give me some input!!

When you make a you prefer to get:

1) Your goodies in a folder. (which goes directly into your inventory and requires no rezzing/opening)

2) Your goodies in a box. (which you subsequently have to rez and open)

3) Your goodies...regardless of which of the above methods is used. :P

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Okies well...summer vaca is finally over for me!!

I've been getting back into work (even tho no newness yet...I've had a lot of catching up to do...and still lots left...newness soon like...SOON tho!! :D) and SO to mark the return from summer break we're having an impromptu half price sale at the CKS Designs main shop in Selby.

Everything is marked down to at least half the normal price until noon game time on Wednesdsay (8/15/07). I'm not sure *exactly* when we'll sneak in and do the price changes on Wednesday...but sometime after noon...;)

Be aware this is *only* items in the CKS Designs main shop in Selby. Items on SlExchange, SlBoutique, & at satellite shops will not be included.

Sooo happy shopping everyone...and welcome to fall...just around the corner...and lots of new goodies to come!!! <33333

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