Sunday, March 30, 2008


DiVAS episide #5 is up and running!!!

Special thanks to our great guest stars: EnCore Mayne, Jezabell Barbosa, Lumir Beleza, & QueenKellee Kuu (winners of our Flickr contest) as our featured dancers...and Roslin Petion as our very own Paula Abdul well as all of the fabulously fun and patient extras who endured our goofiness...we couldn't have done this epi without y'all!! <333

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Extras Needed Tonight!!

Are you a member of the DiVAS ExTRAS group in Second Life®? Well if not, you should be! Tonight we're calling one and all available members to take part in a HUGE scene! We could use your help! If you're not doing anything at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern, lets us know! You'll need to sign a release, and our need for residents is limited so what are you waiting for? Contact Evie Fairchild in world for information and access to the secret location!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Patty's Goodies yeyyyy!!!

For those of you looking to get out and about in SL this weekend and snag some fab St. Pat's-themed stuff...might I suggest the treasure hunt over in Dublin?!!

Vivianne Draper has coordinated a fab trivia contest with lots of great prizes for those who come out and find the clues!!!

CKS Designs & DiVA Designs has teamed up to create the following prize for the contest...but it's only one of go here to get started...and get out there and have some fun!!

Info on the Dublin St Pat's celebration, which will be going the entire weekend, follows...straight from Viv herself!! Enjoy!!

"Tabhair 'om p�g, is �ireannach m� Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day and what could be better than St. Patrick's Day in the Dublin Sim? How about St. Patrick's Day on all three Dublin Sims? That doesn't do it for you? Ok how about a huge treasure hunt on all three Dublin Sims?

Look for the clue signs around the Dublin Sim beginning Saturday, 12:01 am, March 15. Find and email the answers and win a prize! Everyone who gets just ONE question right wins the wee prize. People who answer anywhere between 11-29 questions right win the wee prize AND a big box of cool stuff! Those who find and answer all 30 questions correctly win the wee prize, the big box of cool stuff, and a cash bonus!

We'll kick off the hunt Saturday morning, March 15, with an hour-long event at the Art Park in Dublin 3, hosted by DJ Vivianne Draper who will be playing celtic music and helping you get started. The Hunt continues until 12:01 am Tuesday morning, March 18. So look for the clue signs and join us for our St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt on the three Dublin Sims!

We would like to thank the following content creators who have generously donated prizes:

Ookami Ningen
CKS Designs
DiVA Designs
American Shaker Shop
JX Designs
Creative Kaoz
O'Dwyer's Mens Shoes & Accessories
Kaimi's Normal Wear
Love Me Tender
Tartan Shop
The Devil Made Me Do It"

Thanks to Viv for the info and for letting Phay & me be a part of the fun!! <33

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...I think the pic speaks for itself...<333

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Attention Shutterbugs!!

We know there are a bunch of y'all out there who love to take piccies!!! So we're looking for a few Dancing Divas who want a shot at a guest spot in DiVAS Episode 5!!!!

All you have to do is go to Flickr, log in & join the 'DiVAS UnDERSTUDIES' group...take an in world snappie of yourself in your fave dance attire (any type of dance attire you creative!!!)...and post it to the group!! Entrants may post one piccie per day...starting today (3/12/08) and running through next Wednesday (3/19/08). At the end of this period, a winner will be chosen by Phaylen, Evie, & myself...and that winner will get a special guest role in the upcoming DiVAS episode!! If you don't have a Flickr account simply go to and create's easy and free!!!

There'll be plenty of room for extras in the episode we're currently shooting as anyone who's interested in being on call as an extra please do join the DiVAS ExTRAS group in world!!! We'll be pinging the group for extras in the upcoming week or two!!

So get out there and put on those dance duds and show us your fabulous selves!!! <333

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Top 12!!

Sooo the AI top 12 is upon us!!...and last night they were tasked with performing a Beatles song of their own choosing. Results were mixed...and if you wanna hear my opinions on em...and add some of your own....have a clickie below then! ;)

So hmm I think today...I'm going to go in order from my favorite performance to my least favorite...all songs courtesy of Lennon & clips provided for your listening pleasure! ;)

1) Chikezie - She's a Woman

All I can say is WOW!! After the Whitney fiasco last week...and seeing as how I've not liked him much at all during the preliminaries...I was all for cutting him loose before the top 12. But this was just....WOW!! I'm glad he at least got the chance to show he could do this...but I wonder now which Chikezie we'll see from here on out...

2) David Cook - Eleanor Rigby

Like last week...what an incredibly modern arrangement of an older (in this case MUCH better than last week's :P) song. I listen to this and could be a single I'd hear on the radio today. He reminds me a lot of Chris Daughtry...but let's hope he can overcome the comparison!

3) Carly Smithson - Come Together

Funny...before Simon said it...I was thinking...a lot like Kelly Clarkson. Everything about this performance was fabulous imo...incredible vocals...great stage presence...great all came together beautifully!

4) Brooke White - Let It Be

She doesn't have a big 'diva' voice...but she does have such a connection with the song and with the music when she sings. I love that she uses's a very natural thing with her...and I love the quiet intensity she has in her voice. She'd never be powerhouse like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood...but she has a really great the judges have noted...more like a Carly Simon. I <333 her!!!

5) Jason Castro - If I Fell

I think...much like Brooke...Jason is just an incredibly emotional singer who really connects with the song. It's not a 'big voice' sort of's very quiet and intimate and real...yet not plain or boring. I hope he's around for a long time!

6) Amanda Overmeyer - You Can't Do That

Amanda has been my personal favorite among the women from the start. I just love her voice...her personality...everything about her. I loved that she changed up the song to suit her style...and loved the delivery and performance. It was somewhat on and off pitchwise in parts but...I'm rooting for her to push through to the final two!

7)Michael Johns - Across The Universe

Wellll. He's been one of my faves from the start...really my personal fave among the males. His performance on this was...good...but really it relied so much on his amazing stage presence...and that imo made it seem so much better than it really was. I think on someone with less would've come off as very, very boring.

8) Ramiele Malubay - In My Life far as pitch she's dead on...sings's just...b o r i n g. *yawn*
She should least for now...but if she doesn't bring more I don't think she's gonna last long.

9) David Archuleta - We Can Work It Out

Ok welll...yesh he totally butchered the lyrics...repeatedly. But he's still not my personal worst...because I still liked his voice...because I've seen more from him in the past...because I think he has more to offer than those I ranked beneath him. Here's to hoping he gets another chance!!

10) Syesha Mercado - Got To Get You Into My Life

Reaalllllyyyy off pitch at the once she got into it the singing was ok. Overall tho just to write home about at all.

11) David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There

Well...we knew that some of the greatest songs of all time were bound to be butchered tonight...and this was just...ugh. Like a bad cruise shop performance by a former (very former) boy band member or something. Just ugh.

12) Kristy Lee Cook - Eight Days A Week

Yup. This is the ONLY thing that kept the David Hernandez debacle from being the bottom of the barrel. I dunno even WTF that was. It's like...she should be shot. Twice. Once for butchering a great song...then again for insulting the entire country music genre. But hey...if you always wanted to hear a 'hoedown' version of a Beatles song...sung by a singer who seems a half beat ahead of her band thru the entire thing...then...I guess you voted for Kristy!!

Okies that's it for me....I mean obviously I think Kristy should be the one to go. She should be launched off the stage from a cannon for that horrific performance, in fact, imo. :/

Lemme hear what you're thinking out there, AIers!!! <333

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

And btw...

Ok yeah I know I said last season that keeping Paula was imperative cos she's way too entertaining to let go...but....

....yeah maybe it's time cos is it just me or is she really starting to become annoying?...

I mean the other night poor Jason stood there uncomfortably and nodded his head while she gave this lovely tidbit of advice to him:

"Although it's a level of difficulty you made it sound so effortless with ease and I am so glad you showed a beautiful vulnerability and you are great in front of the guitar and leaving it down know...there's something...first of all...let's get back...all the guys you're great so far...great job...amazing...and Jason you are exactly what I'm loving about this season is you are unique and you are definitely recognizable in your technique...and I think that your phrasing...your phrasing is what makes you great."

(Yes...I made sure I got that verbatim before I erased it from my Tivo. If you don't watch the show...imagine that in a slightly slurred kinda drugged-up voice.)

And...pretty much...that's a fine example of what she says to everyone. In between jumping up and dancing around sort of drunkenly and being pulled back into her seat by Simon. Yeah. It may be time for Paula to go.

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It's the (2nd...maybe 3rd...) most wonderful time of the year...

Of course as everyone knows football season (yes, American football) IS the most wonderful time of the year...and as many know I'm recently enamoured of 'Lost' & very excited about the new season so far...but of course as lots know American Idol season is pretty far up there with me too. :P

I've had a few ppl now ask if I'm gonna blog about AI this season...and well...mostly I've been lazy about blogging in general...a habit I need to get out of yeah yeah...but...I suppose it's as good a reason as any to jump back in there and start yakking some more. Sooooo...AI fans...I know you're out there...speak up & lemme hear your thoughts too!!

So...who should (and/or shouldn't) be in the Top 12?! Thoughts and stuff after the cut...:P

Ok so I'm not one of those viewers who really enjoys the audition/beginning stages of the show most. They're at first...but they wear thin on me and really what I look forward to is the part starting next week...once the top 12 has been decided.

Sooo...on the day that top 12 will finally be announced...who's worthy...and who's not?!

Well first up I think I can pretty well say that the 8 who've been cut so far...didn't matter anyhow. I can't even remember their names really...maybe a couple...pretty much forgettable overall though...and there are still a few left who are just as forgettable, imo.

Ladies they say: uberearly preference for the final 2 was Amanda Overmeyer (the rocker nurse chick) and Michael Johns (the Aussie guy).

Amanda is still my fave among the women...but...I think Brooke White (the nanny) and Carly Smithson (the Irish girl who can pour a perfect pint) have also been fantastic.

As for the other 5...mostly they've had their ups and downs...and mostly I think I'm not going to really care which two leave. Although there are considerations:

1) Two of them sang Whitney Houston songs last night...and frankly I think just about anyone who does a Whitney Houston song should be subjected to one of those giant comedy hooks they used in vaudeville(?) days to haul people offstage. Yes, there have been (rare) exceptions when they've been sung well...but mostly those have come during or close to the finals...and only by the very best of the best singers. Just seriously people...stop singing Whitney. Just trust me before you go out there and make a fool of yourself. You're not that good. Just. Trust. Me.

2) That Queen song. WTF? Why did the judges act like that was ok? Did she even hit any of the notes on pitch? Did someone replace my ears with non-working replicas? Cos I sure missed the part where that was anywhere even close to good.

Sooo...if I had my'd be the girl who did the Queen song and one of the Whitney twins (don't really care which...just send one home as a warning to those left...sorta like the horse's head in the Godfather...) who goes home tonight...just on principle yanno?

Anddd then there are the men:

Overall I think they're stronger than the's sort of a shame...I think they should just pick the *best* 12...not divide it up into 6/6.

As I said before....Michael Johns is still my fave among the men...even though I have to admit he's not been my fave either of the past two weeks. I was a bit confused by Randy's rxn to his performance last night. He sang a song originally performed by the band Simple Minds...yet Randy reacted as though he had just done an INXS song...said he had 'come home' and gushed about how he reminded him of Michael Hutchence. Ok to my knowledge INXS never covered that song and...well the original band is Scottish...and to my knowledge Michael Hutchence was never in it. Sooo...*confused look*.

David Cook (the 'rocker' dude who likes crosswords) and Jason Castro (the dreadlock guy) were both just outstanding last entirely different ways. How David managed to take one of the most cheesy songs ever and turn it into something fresh and alternative is beyond me...but he did it. And Jason just turned in such a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song. He's still a bit weird to me's like...he has a sort of...vacancy...about him that disturbs me anytime he's speaking and not singing.

David Archuleta (the 17 y/o one who always looks like he's about to cry...) is also very very good. I mean...I was with everyone else when he did 'Imagine' last was an incredible performance. There's something about him though...that I just can't get behind as far as winning the competition. I think it's probably his good as he is I think he will have a struggle connecting and forming an identity at some point.

David Hernandez is growing on me...I think he's probably good enough that he should stay...but really singing a Celine Dion song is just ugh. Please no more. It's right up there with singing Whitney really. Also there's the problem of real way to describe him. He just...doesn't really stand out...good singer...but...sorta bland.

Sooo...that leaves three...Luke (the one who sang the Wham! song), Danny (probably the most flamboyant male teenager I've ever seen), and Chikezie (called 'jacuzzi' by Simon in one of the biggest LOL moments I've seen thus far). Honestly I don't like any of them. Danny imo is like Sanjaya II just not quite as annoying...but at least he has a personality...the other two just...don't really. None of them sang well. But...I guess if I had my druthers it'd be Luke (because JTFC who sings 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' and expects to be taken seriously...hello even George Michael realized he couldn't be taken seriously singing that) and Chikezie (HELLO STOP SINGING WHITNEY, PEOPLE. THAT GOES *QUADRUPLE* IF YOU'RE MALE!!!!!) who'll be leaving tonight.

That's it from me...thoughts out there? Tonight's the night...AI top episode of Lost...WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! <3333

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


YAYYY!!! DiVAS Episode #4 is live and fabulous!!!

Check it out...and enjoy!!! <333

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