Friday, November 10, 2006

XOMG! Kit did Work!!

Okie so...what's been going on?!! Yesh I planned to get out the last two Class Of '07 outfits on Wednesday. Yesh they were both done by yesterday afternoon...but I have been one lazy kitty about getting them set to go! *hangs head*

I'm happy to say that, for the most part, the shop rebuild is finished! YEYYYYY!! CC & Spark got it done mostly in one day...maybe a day and a half...WOW!! We still have some inside work and arranging to pardon the sort of scatteredness of everything atm...but at least it's all out and no more prims all over the place to trip over! <3 I'm soooo sooo sooooo happy with how it's turned out and it's so nice to have room to mooove!!!

So...I DO have the last two outfits in the Class of '07 collection today. Thanks so much to everyone who has told me how much they're enjoying the bios and the concept. It's been a blast designing outfits with a character in mind...but now I'm ready to move on to something neewwwww!! So without further we go! ;)

Star Athlete: The whole town knows this girl...athletic...talented...driven. She drives the boys crazy because she can not only play their game...she can win it.

Likes: Competition, Sports, Anything outdoors

Dislikes: Laziness, Cafeteria food, Anything that has to be done while sitting down.

Only Dates: Other Athletes

Usually Found: In the gym after school...having a 'workout' session with her boyfriend. You know what they say. Practice makes perfect.

Girl Next Door: Yes, this girl is everybody's darling...kind...generous...wholesome. She drives the boys crazy because she has no idea how hot she is.

Likes: Teddy bears, Slumber parties, Anything involving her family

Dislikes: Bullies, Cliques, Anything she considers rude

Only Dates: Her junior high sweetheart

Usually Found: Standing around somewhere holding hands with her boyfriend whilst looking impossibly cute.

So there we have em!! Thanks to the lovely Trillian Granville for modeling the Star Athlete. As we close the yearbook on the Class Of '07 for now...(might we possibly hear from these girls again in the future?!! Hmmm...)...I'd like to invite anyone out there who reads this to send in pics (and especially GROUP pics with your friends) a la Sol's your Class Of '07 outfits!! I'd love to hang some up in the shop!!! Just drop em on me in world if ya got em or email to!!

(...and yes...those of you who know me know how much I heart my of course choosing colors for the Star Athlete was a no brainer! :P)

Oh ermmmmm guess I should say....they're $L275 each and available at CKS Designs!


Star Athlete Ad: Skin - Pixel Deep by Joannah Cramer: brunette edition in birch, Hair - Fetish: Entice in Black Pack, Shoes - Shiny Things: Old Boots in Black, Earrings - Girl props: Chain Link Earrings, Glasses - Sinful Shades: Willow Silver Framed Clear

Girl Next Door Ad: Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Medium in Peach Melba, Hair - ETD: Airy in Burgundy, Shoes - Lassitude & Ennui: Eva Pumps in Robin's Egg, Earrings - Shiny Things: Everyday Gems in Moonstone.

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