Saturday, November 11, 2006


...after having a little fun last night running around to a cpl clubs w/some friends (something I hardly ever do in SL!)...I got inspired today to make a fun little clubby type dress...and here it be...'Jawdropper'...just in time for Saturday night!!

It's a short, shimmery little one-shouldered number in three colors that I decided to call 'Hot'...'Cool'...and 'Smouldering'. I also tossed in a lil simple pair of matching stockings! <3

We don't have rack up for the new area yet in the remodeled shop SO I just put it out by the stairs where it's easy to spot for nowwww!!

It's $L225 for one or $L450 for all three at CKS Designs, of course!

Also I realized like...yesterday...that I've been failing to post accessory credits in my blog I'm gunna back up and get some of that info on the older posts!

Pretties: Skin: Charmed Tone 20 in Glitter Silver 2 w/Body Shimmer, Celestial Studios; Hair: Lucy in Black Pearl, Naughty Designs; Boots: Swashbuckler in Black, SF Designs; Earrings & Choker: Silver Hoops, Silver Kitty Collar, Gurl6; Bracelet: Everyday Gems in Black Diamond, Shiny Things; Armband: Hematite Arm Band, Nevermore.

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