Friday, December 08, 2006


Hellooo out there!!! :D

So in my spare time this week I *have* been working on a cpl pretties...and I actually managed to finish up two outfits.

Since I am caged for the month (I hope!)...I decided I would make these available as FREEEEBIEEES for now. I'll prolly put them out in the shop once I'm released BUT for now...consider it a limited time offer. :D

The first one I decided to call 'Oohh La La'. I dunno why. Looks sorta french...I guess...or something. Naming clothes sometimes just meets with a mental roadblock and so...when I GET a name...I tend to just pretty much not question it. :D

I had been wanting to make an SL version of my fave fall GAP Audrey crops...for some while...sooo there they are. I decided to pair them with this little striped top that to me sort of has a French look to it...or whatever. It's just a simple, fun outfit...but both pieces should pair nicely with many other things. Here's a piccie!

The second one, 'Cozy', is just one of those fun tummy-baring outfits that I love to wear in SL. Yesh I know that tummy-baring is out right now in the REAL world...but frankly I find a little tummy to be pretty much the sexiest bit of skin you can show...and so my SL clothes tend to play on that a little or in some cases (like this one) a LOT. Anyways it's a little pink cropped sweater with some matching stockings...and a striped denim mini that can also be worn as a nice pair of shorts. Also I made some ear muffs to match the sweater cos I'm way into avi ear muffs atm. :D

As I said...right now both of these outfits are freeebies. The only thing is you hafta come to the cage to get them. My room is room #3...and they're on the left side glass as you face the cage. Just click and buy for $L0. Say hi while you're there...and take a moment to vote if you haven't! Here's a Landmark...or just feel free to im me if you'd like a direct tp!!! :D

Dat's all for now...enjoy!!!!!!


Oohh La La Ad: Hair - Celestial Studios: Lulu Flip + Hat in Streaky 3, Skin - Tete A Pied: Rose Light in Gamine Cherry, Shoes - Shiny Things: Ballet Flats in Black, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven.

Cosy Ad: Hair - Naughty Designs: Angel III in Mocha, Skin - Celestial Studios: Redhead Auburn Tone 30 in Frosting, Shoes - Shiny Things: Old Boots in Black.

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