Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Class Is Back In Session!

Looks like a couple more members of the Class Of '07 are out and about today! ;)

Debutante: Oh yes...we all know this She drives the boys crazy because they know they can look all they want...but they'll never get to touch.

Likes: Tennis, Her new convertible, Anything daddy buys for her

Dislikes: Work, Limits, Anything she has to wait for

Only Dates: Boys From Other Schools

Usually Found: Doing whatever she wants. After all...who's going to tell her no?

Band Geek: Remember this girl...cute...a little shy...with a style all her own? She drives the boys crazy because, unlike most girls, she doesn't cater to them for attention.

Likes: Music, Reading, Anything unique

Dislikes: Sports, Video Games, Anything too trendy

Only Dates: Other Band Geeks

Usually Found: Hanging out in the music room with her friends. God knows what they do back there...

Thanks to everyone for the positive comments on the 'Class Of '07' concept...I'm glad y'all are enjoying the little bios...they're megafun to do...and it's fun to have a character in mind when designing an outfit!!

These two are now available at CKS Designs for $L275 each.

I think there are more girls out there waiting to be discovered! Stay tuned! ;)