Monday, October 30, 2006

Meet The Class of '07...

Okies everyone knows I heart schoolgirl outfits...just...can't...get...enough of em!! I heart buying them...I heart making them...I heart wearing them!!!

Also as I gushed in a post a few days ago...I've just been really really inspired by Sol Columbia's work. Not only does she make the killer schoolgirl outfits...but her textures and details are so just makes me want to work harder at learning to do my own textures. </gushing>

Soooo I'm pretty excited about these two releases...the first couple in a collection that I want to do called 'Class Of '07'. They'll feature entirely done-by-hand textures...and I'm pretty happy with how these first two have turned out!!

So without further adieu...pop open that yearbook...and meet the class:

Drama Queen: You know the one...unique...aloof...artsy. She drives the boys crazy because she's so gorgeous...yet so mysterious and untouchable.

Likes: Poetry, Theatre, Anything in black

Dislikes: Cheerleaders, Rules, Anything too mainstream

Only Dates: The bad boys

Usually Found: In some hidden hallway corner sneaking a makeout session with her boyfriend

Class President: Everyone knows this girl...popular...intelligent...friendly. She drives the boys crazy because she's way too sophisticated for them...and she knows it.

Likes: Shopping, Dancing, Anything social

Hates: Homework, Curfew, Anything mundane

Only Dates: College Boys (and rumor has it one teacher...)

Usually Found: Holding court while the boys hang on her every word.

So there it can pick em up at CKS Designs for $L275 each. More to come soon! :)


caLLie cLine said...

wow, these are great, just found out about you and can't wait to visit your shop!!! such lovely work, and so much fun too!!!

keep it up... can't wait to see what's next!



p.s. i'd love to link you to my blog, but i don't know how :(

Kit Maitland said...

hahaha it's ok..I'm a blogtard too...let's hold hands...=)

Thanks for the kind words...It's been such fun and I'm glad others are having fun with it!!

Anonymous said...

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