Friday, March 30, 2007

New Stuffies!!

It's been kinda a slow week for me iw...but I've got a wee bit of newness tonight. :)

I wanted something pretty & feminine & sexy & summery and's what came out!! It's called 'Fresh' & it started out as a little white eyelet tube dress...but then I wanted to do the bow in different colors...and then I wanted a shrug...and then stockings...and then I wanted to include pieces so it could be also worn as a tummy-baring 2-piece thinger...and so before I know it...OUTTA CONTROL!!

Anyhow I didn't want to release it in separate colors b/c they'd all use the same skirts & somehow I just didn't like that idea. SO...what you get instead is this gimongolous pack o stuff that you can mix & match to your heart's content...and it should all be nicely mix/matchable with other stuffs in your wardrobe too!

It's available at CKS Designs, SLexchange & SLboutique for $L425!!. I put a no-txfr, TURQUOISE ONLY version in the MobVend for $L300 (or as low as half price).

Happy weekend everyone!! <33

Pretties: Skin - Gala: Pale in Root Beer, Hair - ETD: Sensitive in Golden Brunette Burnt, Shoes - Shiny Things: Spring Stilettos in White, Jewelry - Miriel: Casual Pearls in Silver.

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