Thursday, March 01, 2007


SO...two more hopeful idols gone take on this week's performances:

Guys...overall MUCH better than last week...thankfully...was afraid it was gearing up to be an awfully dull season. Girls...pretty much the same...which is to say amazing! ;)

So my tops for the week....


1) Blake Lewis (sang Jamiroquai's 'Virtual Insanity') fave again this week. I love his voice and style. I'd really like to hear him do a Maroon5 song...

2) Chris Richardson (sang Jason Mraz's 'Geek In The Pink')

All I can say is WOW...I was very impressed by both his voice and his performance. It'll be interesting to see if he can break out something different...

3) Jared Cotter (sang Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On')

Yeah...I know he's done two sort of 'smooth r&b' type songs...and yeah...I know the judges were not overly impressed either week...but wow...I still say he has just such an incredible voice. Hopefully he can mix it up a bit with some different song choices...

4) Phil Stacey (sang John Waite's 'Missing You')

Like Jared...a little formulaic still but he has a great voice I think...and like Jared...hoping he breaks out a bit into something new.

5) Chris Sligh (sang Ray Lamontagne's 'Trouble')

Okies so the only reason I didn't rank him higher was...the first 4 I mentioned have been consistent...but WOW...very impressive. Hope this is the Chris we see from here on out!!

6) Sundance Head (sang Mack Rice's 'Mustang Sally')

Again...only listed lower because he's been so inconsistent. I really hope this is an indication of how things will go the rest of the season...he was AMAZING this week!!!


1) Melinda Dootlittle (sang Rodgers & Hart's 'My Funny Valentine')

Another amazing performance...she completely made that song her own...and I just absoutely *love* her personality.

2) Lakisha Jones (sang Gladys Knight's 'Midnight Train To Georgia')

Ok so I have to agree that Melinda won out this week...but still really...both of these women are just fabulous in every way. I really think both of them have a career in the industry cemented already, no matter what happens from here on out.

3) Gina Glockson (sang Heart's 'Alone')

The only negative for this for me was that I still see this song, in AI terms, as *totally* belonging to Carrie Underwood...and it's difficult not to compare. But I thought Gina did a great job and I think this song was much more suited to her than last week's. I hope she takes Simon's advice and goes after the edginess a little more. She makes a nice alternative to Lakisha & Melinda.

4) Sabrina Sloan (sang Whitney Houston's 'All The Man I Need')

Lots of girls went for the *big guns* this week...this was the best of them, imo. (By big guns I mean...anything sung by someone such as...Whitney...Christina...Mariah...Celine...etc). It's always risky, and usually fails...but she did a decent job with it. The last note kinda...tanked...but she was smart enough to not hold it...nice cover! haha Still...she sort of lumps in for me with Jordin Sparks & Stephanie Edwards. Good...not really standing out though.

Anddd my personal bottom four...


1) Sanjaya Malakar (sang Irving Berlin's 'Stepping Out With My Baby')

He's a sweet kid with a great voice...but he's too shy and unsure of himself to be a contender in this competition. He needs to go now, really, because keeping him in only knocks a more legitimate contender out.

2) Nicholas Pedro (sang Peggy Lee's "Fever") & Brandon Rogers (sang Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time")

So it's a cop out...but I really can't decide. I truly like them both...they both had bad nights...and honestly...whichever one of them doesn't go this week will probably end up going next week anyhow. Just not good enough in this competition.


1) Antonella Barba (sang Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me")

OK. So let me see if I have this straight. After being told last week that the Aerosmith song was too big for her and ate her alive...she decides to come back this week with a Celine Dion song. Right. That worked. Oh...and the comment about Simon being 'wrong about Jennifer Hudson too' Uhm...the week Jennifer Hudson was voted off Simon chastised the American public for doing it...and Antonella Barba is no Jennifer Hudson. So bad singer + bad attitude. Yes, she's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. So was Katharine McPhee...and she never deserved to be in the finals. Let's get rid of this one when we should.

2) Alaina Alexander (sang the Dixie Chicks' 'Not Ready To Make Nice')

Fab song. She sang a fab song last week also. The problem is, neither of those songs suited her. Seeing her up there attempting to belt out 'I'm special' or 'I'm still mad as hell' in her little nicey nice way...just no. Unconvincing. She doesn't have the attitude to pull off Chrissie Hynde or Natalie Maines. I really really like her...but if she doesn't know herself better...she just doesn't have what it takes for this.

OKIES there's my 50 cents!! Thoughts from you other addicts out there?!!


Anonymous said...

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Kit Maitland said...

OMG that's hilarious.

1. Simon & Randy