Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And Then There Were 10...

Sooooo...last night's American Idol performances...most ok...a couple really excellent...and one big ol wtf.

Also...didn't Gwen just look awesome? I have the right to hate her for this, just a little. Seriously, though, it was very cool that she was on...she is (& No Doubt are) one of my all time faves & it was nice to have some more contemporary music overall also.

Anywho...on to the top included for your listening pleasure, should you be so inclined. :P

1. LaKisha Jones ("Last Dance")

Nice to see LaKisha return to her usual great form last night!!

2. Chris Sligh ("Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic")'s just sorta...ok...the tone of his voice is ok...but does he even know there's a band back there? Has he considered singing *with* them?

3. Gina Glockson ("I'll Stand By You")

FINALLY...Gina comes through with a fabulous performance. Although I must admit I would've liked to see her really tee off on an older No Doubt song.

4. Sanjaya Malakar ("Bathwater")

Judges' Response:

Right really must be seen to be uhm...appreciated. Here's what I don't understand: 1) Why any male would choose to sing this song (I loved how in the middle there he actually forgot he was supposed to be singing about a girl...)...2) Why any parents would allow their 17-year old child to humiliate himself like this on national television, and continue to be the butt of media jokes week after week. Also he was a sweet he's just like...turning snotty and bratty...and clearly has no intention of taking any sort of advice or constructive criticism. This is one of my all-time fave No Doubt songs...BLEH. Just BLEH.

5. Haley Scarnato ("True Colors")

EEeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh...nothing wrong with her singing at all. It's just so...ehhhhhhhhhh. It's hard to listen to her sing this and not miss the vulnerable sound Cyndi Lauper gave it that she doesn't quite hit. It's not bad...but Simon was right...very forgettable.

6. Phil Stacy ("Every Breath You Take")

Well I just thought it was thoroughly excellent. Best male performance of the night imo.

7. Melinda Doolittle ("Heaven Knows")

Interesting that both Melinda & LaKisha chose Donna Summer songs. Of course Melinda was completely excellent. Duh. I love how she looks like a deer in the headlights when she finishes singing...almost like she finishes then is just like...'omg what am I doing here?...they're going to tell me to gtf off their stage!'

8. Blake Lewis ("Lovesong")

Hm ok...he's emulating 311 so it's not original. I would've preferred an arrangement closer to the original version of the song...I feel the 311 arrangement sort of takes a bit of 'edge' off the song. He did ok...and overall I still think he's the best male in the competition. I just didn't find it like OOOHHHHhhh fabulous. WTF didn't he do a Police song? :/

9. Jordin Sparks ("Hey Baby")

I don't understand why the judges praised this. I thought it was utterly horrible in every way possible.

10. Chris Richardson ("Don't Speak")

If George Michael sang a No Doubt song... Well I had never really thought about it but I know now I wouldn't like it. And why did none of them bust on him for forgetting his lyrics near the end?!!

So at this point I have to say I agree with Simon...bashing Sanjaya is just pointless. But really wtf America? Jesus.


Lexi Morgan said...

Hiya again hehe
I agree with pretty much everything you said and as far as Sanjaya goes, I dont even have any words. lol and his snotty little attitude and comment back to Simon last night just urked me.
He seriously needs to go :/
I saw the top 10 on tour last year and LOVED IT but now that Sanjaya will be on tour with them, I really dont think I'll be going again. Sad!

Lexi Morgan said...

I guess you have seen this?


Ally Geer said...

All I can say is WTF? I rolled laughing at his hair....

PLEASE let him be eliminated tonight, omg :(