Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Top 12 at last!!!

Soooo...last night's AI top 12...finally!!!

Really the audition stuff is fun at first but gets old to me pretty quickly...this is the part of the show I like best.

Ok so...three things...#1)...could Paula be more useless, #2)...what's up w/the homoerotic tension between Simon & Ryan this season?!!! Is it just me?!!...and #3)...could someone please tell Diana Ross that the word is 'enunciate'...not 'pronunciate'?!!

I leave you with my brief take on the top 12 last night:

1. Brandon Rogers ("You Can't Hurry Love") - I didn't really think he was top 12 material...seems like a nice guy...but I think he proved me right.

2. Melinda Doolittle ("Home") - IMO, the best singer in the competition.

3. Chris Sligh ("Endless Love") - WTF was that? I know I've always wanted to hear Coldplay do a sappy 80's (was it 80's? 70's?) love song.

4. Gina Glockson ("Love Child") - I really like her, but it was weak.

5. Sanjaya Malakar ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough") - This is one of the all time great songs out there. I feel really bad for the song that it had to be a part of that. I feel really bad for Diana Ross that she said it's one of her favorite songs and she had to see/hear that. We won't even discuss the hair. Or the earrings.

6. Haley Scarnato ("Missing You") - Ok she was better than I expected. I hope she gets another shot next week.

7. Phil Stacey ("I'm Gonna Make You Love Me") - I thought he was easily the best male last night...sounded very good.

8. Lakisha Jones ("God Bless The Child") - When I say Melinda is the best singer in the competition, it's not by much. Basically it's Melinda, Lakisha, & everyone else.

9. Blake Lewis ("You Keep Me Hanging On") - It was just too bizarre. Not horrible...just...wrong. I really really like him though.

10. Stephanie Edwards ("Love Hangover") - Her voice really isn't that great...she drops pitch a lot but is really good at covering. I don't know this song so I didn't get what the judges were all saying about the arrangement...but I didn't care for the performance.

11. Chris Richardson ("The Boss") - Wow I just thought that sounded horrible all the way through.

12. Jordin Sparks ("If We Hold On Together") - Yup, Simon was right. Too gooey for my taste too. But she sang the hell out of it...amazing talent and poise...hard to believe she's only 17.

Speak up AI fans...I know you want to! :P


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Ally Geer said...

Melinda and LaKisha.... it's all them, no one else compares.

Phil did a passably good job I think, I really do like him though he's not gonna take it from either of the girls.

Sanjaya.... can I just say SIGH. Praying he gets sent home tonight. The hair, the hair :(