Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Heart My Photosphere!!

SO yes I know I'm like the last person in SL to talk about this...but seriously I just love this little effer so much I GOTTA SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

Weekend before last Saeya Nyanda dropped this little toy on me she had made called a Photosphere. Having never used a photo studio before, I was like...'Hmmmmmm OK...I'll check it out...'. Later on that night I rezzed it on my little work platform...and 10 minutes later I was in lurrrrrrrve!!!!!! I love it so much I had to make a second platform under my regular workspace just for it!! o.O

The brilliant thing about the Photosphere is how much it packs into this compact little package. For only 10 prims...and very little space...Saesae has made this fantastic studio that includes tons of easily changeable, tintable, & scaleable background textures (and you can buy more texture packs...or even use your own!!) that's easily changed at a touch...a poseball that you can drop your own poses into (or you can put down whatever poseballs you like so you can take pics with friends & stuff!!)...a HUD so that you and others can make changes conveniently...and, most brilliantly, a fabulous spherical construction that lets you take photos from any angle imaginable and not lose your background!! Have I said brilliant?!!

So...I have to include a few snapshots I took with it...and YOU have to get your butt on out to Kyoot and nab one of these little beauties for yourself!! Trust'll ADORE it!!!!!

Very Loosely Organized Pretties List: Skin - pics 1 & 3 - Celestial Studios, pics 2 & 4 - Gala, pic 5 - Tete a Pied; Hair - pics 1,3 & 4 - ETD, pics 2 & 5 - Calico Creations; Earrings - pics 1 & 5 - Gurl6, pics 2 & 4 - Caroline's Jewelry, pic 3 - Alienbear Designs; All Clothing is from CKS Designs.

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