Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol Roundup!!

Yeeeeha!!! I need a cowboy and a beer!! (is that right?..was it a beer? /me waits for Ethan to respond)


Hey wow everyone was actually mostly decent if not great last *horrid* performances I guess...tho a lot were just kinda ehhhhhh.

WTF is up w/Simon...he was like extra extra cranky last night!!

So...brief runthru...

1. Haley Scarnato ("Tell Him") - Ok...she looked really really cute. She performed really really well. Her vocals are still really really shaky...but I actually like her...and hope she gets more confidence and that gets better.

2. Chris Richardson ("Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying") - Yeah the judges loved it. I didn't. I still think he has a weird sound to his voice (maybe it's the 'nasally' thing Simon mentioned) that annoys me when I hear it.

3. Stephanie Edwards ("You Don't Have To Say You Love Me") - Great song. Remember last week I said she's really not that great vocally but covers it well? It's difficult to cover in a song like this...and boy did it show.

4. Blake Lewis ("Time Of The Season") - Yayyy the old Blake is back. I absolutely loved everything about that performance.

5. LaKisha Jones ("Diamonds Are Forever") - Dunno what really happened there. She's an incredible singer but it just did not come through at all last night.

6. Phil Stacey ("Tobacco Road") - I just dunno about this guy. He has a good voice...usually he's a good performer...but he's just sort of...all over the place. Yeah, I'm fussing about the 'no identity' thing again!

7. Jordin Sparks ("I Who Have Nothing") - Well she certainly broke out of the gooey mold!! Seriously just so hard to believe the depth she has at only 17. Incredible.

8. Sanjaya Malakar ("You Really Got Me Now") - *sigh* I know that will keep him in another week because it was his best performance yet. I stress *performance* because, he didn't even really sing...he sort of...growled. And wtf is with the crying girl?!! Seriously and without a doubt he needs to leave this competition.

9. Gina Glockson ("Paint It Black") - Wow I really thought Simon was overly harsh. I agree the vocals were way too shaky...and it's like...she's not fully throwing herself into it (she was the same last week). She's been one of my personal faves so I really hope she loosens up and just goes for it.

10. Chris Sligh ("She's Not There") - I thought he oversang it somewhat at the end but mostly I thought it was very good.

11. Melinda Doolittle ("As Long As He Needs Me") - Once again...clearly the best singer in the competition. Not much I can add to that really...she's just fantastic in every way.

So yah ok...Sanjaya was not as horrid as usual last night...but he still needs to go. Every week he stays god kills a kitten. :(


Ally Geer said...

Save the kittens!!!!!!

The crying girl like annoyed the hell out of me! WTF is UP with that?? The face on that kid, omg, I'd probably rather watch Sanjaya.

Melinda is far and above everyone, and YES I did vote, lmao (lot more than once, too).

LaKisha was way off her usual self last night, for me, Melinda and Blake stole the show.

So.... who's gonna go? Please don't kill any more kittens, AI :((

Kit Maitland said...

hahaha that girl was crying EVERY performance?!!! wtf?!!!

Ally Geer said...

Okay.... SO. I am so pissed off at the results show. Lord knows Stephanie wasn't the best on AI, but for god's sake. I am seeing this as a popularity contest, not a talent contest and just UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Did they have to show the crying kid AGAIN???

Ethan Logan said...

That was for Paula and should be a cowboy hat, beer, and condoms followed by 30 days at a "special resort" [Ethan quotes with his fingers].