Thursday, April 19, 2007

OKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so....'s been a while since I did something for my schoolgirls out there... I decided it was time for some seriously cute & sexy goodness for them...

A while back, a customer had suggested to me that she'd like to have a prim skirt that showed the panties underneath...and after I made the Baby Doll lingerie I thought...hmmmmmmmmmmm...that might work....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So I made up some argyle and did a little thinking and out came this seriously sweet and seriously sexy outfit that I decided to call 'Detention'...cos that's exactly what you're gonna get if you sashay into the schoolhouse in this one flaunting your...erm...assets. :P

The sweater has an argyle front and can be worn with or w/o the shirt beneath. (The shirt can also be worn alone.) There are some matching stockings...and of course this teenie weenie flexiprim mini with some pretty lil white panties beneath. ;)

It comes in 5 yummy colors...they're available as always at CKS Designs, SLexchange, & SLboutique for $L250/each or $L625/pack.

I'm leaving you with piccies and pretties!! Ta!!! <33333

Pretties: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Gamine Apricot, Hair - ETD: Chalisa I in Mocha Blackened, Shoes - Shiny Things: Flare Oxfords in Black, Necklace - Gurl 6: Kitty Collar in Silver, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven.

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