Saturday, April 07, 2007

Undies For Life!!!

What could be more cute than Days Of The Week undies?!! And what better reason to buy uber cute undies than to benefit the American Cancer Society?!!

Undies For Life are now available at CKS Designs in Selby...and will soon be available at a few other locations! At some point tomorrow I'll also have them up on SLexchange & SLboutique!!

Each set is $L200...a set includes the tank top and panties (on two layers so YEY tattoo friendly!!) and a pair of cute stripey over the knee socks. The entire pack of 7 is available for $L800. 100% of the proceeds from sales of Undies For Life go to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life campaign!

Theyr'e set up on this huge honkin' RFL display next to the Lucky CAN'T miss it!!

A word of caution about the RFL vendors...they DO NOT give change. All money paid into them is sent DIRECTLY on to Jade Lily, the SLRFL event chairperson. extra careful to not put in less than the right amount...cos if you put less than the price of the item! Of course you can always pay more than the item price if you'd like to make a larger donation, and you'll still get your undies! ;)

Also, pledge cards are included in each package, should you wish to make further donations. All you have to do is rez the pledge card on the ground and pay it...the money paid in will be forwarded directly to Jade. You can also pass copies of the card to your friends who would like to donate!!

On behalf of Meet The SLRFL team...thanks for your generous donations to the SL Relay For Life campaign!!

Now get out there and getcher undies...they're only around til RFL '07 is done!!

Pretties: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Avril, Hair - Goldie Locks: Mary Jane in Sun Kissed.

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