Thursday, April 05, 2007


SSSSSSSSSSoooooooooo I finally emerged from my emo AI rambling with some newness!!!

I started this out with just the idea of a 60's retro style dress in mind...thinking actually of a completely different print entirely. Then I started playing around with these flowers...and ended up with a sort of huge pastel floral pattern that reminded me of a watercolor painting. ANYHOW...I decided to call it 'Impressionable'. It's a halter-style dress with a high neck & a little ringed belt around the hips. I decided to go with a straight skirt prim...and then made a long, sheer, floaty scarf that 'ties' in the back with an oversized bow and floats behind you when you walk. To me it was just the perfect touch that gave it a bit of frivolity, uber femininity, & a hint of 60's Hollywood-style glamour. Anywho I'm really happy with it...AND here's a piccie! OH hmmm I should say...the sheer white tights are included! :P

I never really know when I start something (or not usually anyhow) if I'm gonna want to make it in a gazillion colors or just go with the original I make alone. It's not really a process I think me it just seems that some things, once finished, call out 'ooooOOooo now color me'...and others simply don't. A couple of times in the past week I've worked with white skirts and had detail that called out for color while keeping the white in the skirt. The first was last week's 'Fresh' outfit...and then there's today's release, which I decided to call 'Charmed'. This I made originally as a long, belted grey sweater...short sleeved with a low, scooped version with a white linen shirt underneath & one without. Then I added two white linen skirts with some very light floral trim at the bottom (one knee-length skirt, one mini)...and some thigh high stockings to match the sweater. It's sort of...casual/semi-businessy...just a sexy yet classy little number that should be extremely versatile in the ol wardrobe. And then...the sweaters started saying...'Ooooo wouldn't I look good in blue...or red...' yadda yadda...and I decided to put some color to the sweaters, but I still like the white skirts. SO...what I've decided to do is release the original version (with the grey sweaters) and release the colored sweaters/stockings as separate 'sweater packs' (no skirts are in the sweater packs). Also, of course, an entire Fat Pack with all sweaters/stockings/skirts is available. Hopefully this gives the shopper more freedom to choose what s/he wants!! And you just got more of a peek inside my head than anyone would ever want!! SO I'll stfu and leave you with some of the of the mulberry sweater pack...and one of the pack which shows the complete range of sweater colors! :D

As always these are available at CKS Designs...and I'm getting ready to put them up on SLexchange & SLboutique right now! 'Impressionable' is $L225...and 'Charmed' is $L300 for the original set, $L100 each for individual sweater sets, & $L550 for the fat pack.

I'm running away now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! <3333


Impressionable Ad: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Avril, Hair - ETD: Anisa in Copper Blackened, Shoes & Jewelry - Shiny Things: Spring Stilettos in White & Glass Squares earrings & bangle in Pink.

Charmed Ads: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Fevrier, Hair & Shoes - ETD: Mignonne in Copper Burnt & Mary Janes NG (color change), Jewelry - Miriel: Casual Pearls Earrings & Necklace in Silver, Glasses - dirtChild: DC_glasses.


Tenshi Vielle said...

OMFG Kit I love you.

Kit Maitland said... what do I owe this random declaration of love? :P