Tuesday, May 01, 2007



So after a massively busy week of slacking followed by a massively busy weekend of rebuilding...I'm BACK!!!!!!!

CC & I spent our weekend (Friday & Monday inclusive wah!) putting out a new shop rebuild and getting things alllll set back up again in the new place! ;)

We're really happy and excited about the rebuild...even though it's been a long haul and a time-consuming job. CC did the build herself...it's a little Italian plaza with buildings placed around it...sort of a village square...and it's FAB!!! (imo, anyhow! :P)

We feel we have lots more openness and space in the build now...and everything has been categorized and (hopefully) arranged better! ;)

New releases, casuals, schoolgirl ensembles & retro/mod clothing are all in the larger building. The smaller buildings contain silks, swimwear, lingerie, businesswear, clubwear, dressy, separates, denim, & clearance items. There are flags on each area to point you in the right direction...but it's really not that big either...pretty easy to check around a bit and know where things are quickly once you come by. We promise we are *NOT* doing this again for at least a YEAR...SO...once you get re-oriented expect it to stay the same for a while! ;)

ALSO...this month (May)...CKSD is offically 1 year old!! WOOOHOOOO!! To celebrate our anniversary, we're going to be having a half-price sale May 11-14...so be saving up your Lindens!! More to come on that in the next week or so! ;)

SO...I leave you with a cpl pics...one a sort of aerial view of the new build...and one of CC & me resting against the fountain...plum tuckered out after 4 days of work!!! Come on by and see us...and stay tuned for news on the sale!! <3333

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