Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh Sanjaya!'s AI time again!! After watching last night's show I have to's become really hard for me to objectively watch & criticize the rest of the contestants because in my mind I already know that, no matter how bad they are, Sanjaya will be worse...and of course he hasn't failed me yet.

Simon seemed more cranky than usual last night...I really think Sanjaya's continued presence is making it hard on all of the judges because clearly any sort of thoughts or advice about how good the vocals are are just going completely unheeded. Also is it me or does even Ryan seem sort of annoyed by Sanjaya and eager to shut him up and push him off stage asap after he performs now? (Not that I blame him mind you...)

Well in either case...the top 9:

1. Blake Lewis ("Mack The Knife")

This is one of my fave songs & I really think it was a perfect song for Blake. He seemed a little reserved at first but then about halfway through he sort of cut loose and had fun with it. After he was finished it became clear how nervous he was with the song & remembering the lyrics...but wow...he did a great job I thought!!

2. Phil Stacy ("Night And Day")

Hmmm....I kinda get what Randy & Simon said about it seeming sorta...dark...or something. Just something about it was kinda off or weird. Basically I think he sounds great singing the big notes but lets it slip off during the quieter parts of songs.

3. Melinda Doolittle ("I Got Rhythm")

Well they're right...she's impossible to criticize. Perfection, as usual.

4. Chris Richardson ("Don't Get Around Much Anymore")

Well I still think his vocals are pretty damn shaky but overall it was good. I was surprised to hear Simon praise him so highly...but what he said was was a perfectly done performance.

5. Jordin Sparks ("On A Clear Day")

I get what Simon said about following Chris and not being as contemporary...but her vocals were flawless, imo. Nice to see her recover from last week's fiasco!

6. Gina Glockson ("Smile")

Gina is my favorite female contestant. Having said that, however, I'm starting to wonder if she buys into her own 'rocker girl' image. To me she comes out very tentative and unsure much of the time...and it's the lack of being able to really put herself into a performance that imo hurts her most. Clearly she is very very talented...but too much of the time to me it seems she settles for 'very good' when she could achieve 'great'. So I realize the theme was standards...and that makes it a little hard for the rocker chick to pull off...but I thought she found a song that could've actually been given a bit of an edge or darkish side (kinda like the judges seemed to think Phil did, inadvertantly)...then sang it very traditionally. I think she was very good...and I think she could've been a LOT better. I hope she doesn't get the axe over this one. :/

7. Sanjaya Malakar ("Dancing Cheek To Cheek")


8. Haley Scarnato ("Ain't Misbehavin")

Ok...remember what I said matter how bad anyone else is...Sanjaya will be worse? I really really felt the judges were very unnecessarily rude and harsh with her. Come on...was it THAT bad? Also, my take from the start was, she was taking this song and trying to put a cute/flirty spin onto it (ie not 'strictly' interpreting as Tony Bennett was pushing but trying to be very tongue in cheek with it) and it just seemed like...either no one got it or no one went along with it. Either way...I really felt offended FOR her watching how they pretty much openly ridiculed her (even Paula!!!!) when basically they took the 'find something nice to say' tactic with Sanjaya. I hope that at least garnered her some sympathy votes.

9. LaKisha Jones ("Stormy Weather")

Really, really, really great. Nice to see the *real* LaKisha back.

Okies so who will go? My feeling is that Sanjaya is actually in danger for the first time...but I figure he has a week or two still left in him. I think Haley, Gina, & Phil are all in danger. With Phil being bottom 3 even after his kickass performance last week, I predict this week he's the one who's out.


Roslin said...

In regards to Haley, I totally agree, they were REALLY harsh on her. But I don't think it's just because they didn't like her. In that little interview bit before her performance, she said something to the effect that 'when simon likes something it's really amazing' or something like that. Perhaps Randy and Paul were pissed that it sounded like his praise was most important?

Kit Maitland said...

Yah that's a really good point Ros...but yanno...she was right.

All Randy ever says is...'that was the BOMB'...or...'that was just aight for me dawg'...Paula is utterly useless...Simon, though harsh, at least does give specific criticism and advice.

And if they decided to humiliate her on national tv b/c of that opinion...then they're meaner than Simon has ever dreamt of being!!