Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Baby Dolls!

So...after making the Baby Doll lingerie and subsequently wearing the 'gown' from it as a shirt over jeans for the next 2 days I decided I really wanted some in different colors for just that purpose! :D we have it...a buncha baby doll tops in 7 nice, springy colors (well...6 springy and one black! :P). I decided to put some matching bras with you actually have something right there convenient to wear beneath if you don't want your bits showing...but really they look great if you mix & match them with the contrasting colored bras or even over pretty bras/tanks/swimsuit tops you already own and never or rarely get to show otherwise!!

I put em out on Monday and am just now getting round to blogging after a day of internetlessness yesterday...but they are available as always at CKS Designs, SLexchange, & SLboutique. They're $L125/each or $L390 for the set of 7. I'm putting up a pic of the pack, so you can see the colors!!! ;)

Pretties: Skin - Gala: Pale in Root Beer, Hair - Fizzies: Deja in Auburn Burnt, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven, Necklace - Gurl 6: Kitty Collar in Silver, Pants - Luminosity: Sahara West Khakis.


Anonymous said...

oh fiiiiiiine do that now why dont ya pfffft giggles and puts superglue on your toilet seat and runnnnns
xox Sasy xoxo

Kit Maitland said...