Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bet Y'all Have Missed The AI Posts....

/me snickers

So ok I really really REALLY appreciate the cause last week and I hope all the money they raised really makes a difference in some of the appalling conditions we saw on last week's show. But I gotta say...from the competition aspect...last week's AI was just blerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh...and I didn't even feel like blogging about it.

So this week...Bon just never have liked Bon Jovi...but there it is. Wah. Difficult song choices for most of the contestants really. And...TWO of em going home tonight...who will it be....?

1. Phil Stacy ("Blaze Of Glory")

So well ok...his singing was really good I thought. Just still...I dunno...just something about the dude doesn't do it for me, and never has. Bottom 3 for me, personally.

2. Jordin Sparks ("Livin' On A Prayer")

Well yah ok it was shrieky and just...she was clearly not comfortable with the song. However, I felt she was shrieky last week also. Not sure why Simon dogged her appearance...I thought she looked fab. I still think she belongs in the top 3.

3. LaKisha Jones ("This Ain't A Love Song")

Hrmmmm ok. Well I know the judges and evidently everyone else in America seemed to think that was the bomb. I just didn't overly care for it. I just haven't seen the emotion she had the first few weeks lately. She has a great voice...but right now I would put her solidly in my bottom 3.

4. Blake Lewis ("You Give Love A Bad Name")

I know Simon & Jon Bon Jovi are right...a considerable number of people watching that hated it and were appalled to see a 'classic' song altered. For me, though, that was *REALLY* the bomb. Blake has given some outstanding and memorable performances this season...for me...that was without doubt the best. IMO...he's the only one coming out week after week with something fresh and original AND good. If I had my choice...he'd be the winner this season.

5. Chris Richardson ("Wanted Dead Or Alive")

Okies so let's compare it to one of the most memorable performances in any season of AI...Chris Daughtry's from last season:

Bad idea. Very bad idea. Chris is my personal *worst* singer remaining in this competition.

6. Melinda Doolittle ("Have A Nice Day")

Yup...she can sing anything...ANYTHING...excellently. Definitely the best singer in the competition, and I'm certain she already has a recording career locked up at this point.

So for me...I personal bottom two are Chris and Phil...but LaKisha's not far behind. Guess we'll see tonight!!

Yes I know Blake is the only one I put video up on. But he's my fave and it's my blog so nyah. :P

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