Sunday, May 27, 2007

Holy Crap!


Ok...50% of my friends + random ppl who don't know me at all will actually get that.

But...the real holy crap is...I have a new dress.

/me cues her best Keanu Reeves impersonation


No seriously. I decided to leave my cave to attend the Selby Prom last night...and decided I wanted a new dress. Of course failing to fully read the event info, I was unaware that the actual theme for the prom was 80's...and of course I decided I wanted a 60's-style dress...cos that's where my design head seems to be lately. Sooo I was like the girl at the prom who got a thrift store prom dress cos her parents can't afford an actual new one or something.

ANYWHO after cleaning it up a bit more today & making some minor it be. :P

I decided to call it 'Princess' for no good reason at all. The dress itself is very simple...a sheer floral print laid over a white lining...with an empire waist that's finished with a big, white satin bow. It's a tailored, feminine, understated dress...and somehow the name just fit. Here's a piccie!!

Have I said how much I enjoy making 60's-style clothing?!! Lately my head is just way into it. I'm *really* fond of this one...and I have some new things coming up in that vein that I'm really looking forward to releasing!!


This one's available at CKS Designs in Selby, SLexchange, & SLboutique for $L200.

Happy rest of your holiday weekendssssss!!! <33333

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