Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthdayyyy To Usssssss!!!'s been a year since CC & I decided to start our little shop together...and we wanted to celebrate not only our anniversary but our new build with a big 'ol sale!!! announced...we are having a half price sale starting tomorrow!!!

We were planning to run it through Monday...but...due to some rw issues are gonna extend it now thru Tuesday!!! :D

Everything (*everything*...including anything new we put out during the sale) will be marked down to at least half the normal price from 12:00am game time on 5/11 (that's midnight tonight :D) thru 12:00am game time on 5/16. I'm not sure *exactly* when we'll sneak in and do the price changes but since midnight game time is 3 am for us...ur prolly gonna get a few extra hours before and after those deadlines! ;)

Be aware this is *only* items in the CKS Designs main shop in Selby. Items on SlExchange, SlBoutique, & at satellite shops will not be included.

Also we will be around at various times throughout the sale dropping gift certificates on random ppl so if you see us...say a few...we always love to get to leave our little caves and talk to customers!! <333

Okies...that's me for now...GET READY TO SHOP!!!! :D

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