Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lazy Lazy Blogger!!!

Soooo it's been a busy SL weekend for me and I've been laaazzzzyy about blogging!!

/me hangs her head

So lessee if I can do a quickie catch-up!! :D

Our anniversary sale is still in full swing thru midnight (game time) tonight (or well..whenever after midnight tonight we get around to resetting prices...but AT LEAST til then!) sooo everything is still half price thru the end of the day today. ;)

It's been so much fun...thanks to everyone who's come out...we've gotten to meet so many great people this weekend who've taken time to talk a few in the midst of shopping or needing help etc etc...and that's been awesome!!! We're looking forward to another great year...and already planning our next sale...cos this one has been a blast!!!

In the midst of all the hoopla I did put out 3 new outfits over the weekend. I announced them on the CKS & FashCon group channels but hadn't yet blogged them. (See? Lazy!!) Sooo...lemme give y'all a rundown now!

'Jessica' is a retro/60's style floral print mini with leggings underneath. (Of course I've included panties for those who'd prefer to go sans leggings!) It's a very simple style but probably my favorite of the bunch...I'm a big fan of 60's clothing...as those of you who are familiar with my designs have prolly noticed! :P Props to the uber cute necklace & earrings I wore in the ad...they're from Lucas Lameth's Earthtones Boutique...a forgotten inventory treasure that was a gift from Ally Geer back in Dec when I was in the BB cage all locked up being a gerbil. After I found it I promptly went to Lucas' shop and indulged in a little shopping frenzy...his designs are just amazing! Anyway...I digress...here's a pic! ;)

I had a convo with a customer named Hazel a couple weeks ago about the current Bohemian trend that's very popular in Europe this summer. She had bought the 'Boho' dress and was suggesting she'd like to see more designs in that vein for summer...sooo this is one that came out of that convo...called (wow creative huh!) 'Bohemian Summer'. It's a long, gauze peasant-style shirt in a pink color-gradient texture with a bright pink-paisley patterned corset & a pair of white capris. The shirt can be worn long...with or w/o the corset...and in a cropped version with the corset. The corset is also provided on a separate jacket layer so it can be worn with...well whatever else you might find that you wanna wear it with!! It's bright and fun and very summery...and I'm particularly happy with how the gauze texture came out!! Anyyyywhooo here's a pic! ;)

Last up is 'Splash'...a cropped sailor-type shirt paired with some white capris/gauchos. The pants are finished so they can be worn as capris...but also come with a pair of gaucho prims, which is a look I just adore. I gave the gaucho prims a light bit of flex because I love the way they move a little when I'm standing...BUT if the flex is just too annoying...they're modable so they can be un-flexified easily!! ;)

Wow...I think I'm outta blogging shape here...*sigh*.

/me breathes deeply

The new stuffies are all available at CKS Designs, SLexchange, & SLboutique. 'Jessica' is $L225, 'Bohemian Summer' is $L175, & 'Splash' is $L150.

Of course thru midnight tonight, they're all half price at the main shop! ;)

Okies I think that might be me for now...except I gotta say how much I'm looking forward to tonight's American Idol. Clive Davis week is *always* my fave show of the season...the finale is always loaded with filler and of course the one icky song they always force both contestants to sing. Tonight should be interesting tho. I'm all giddy with anticipation. ;)


/me comes back in to edit

Damn...I forgot the Pretties...


Jessica Ad: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Gamine Apricot, Hair - Naughty Designs: Pierce in Baccara, Shoes - Shiny Things: Mary Jane Clogs in Cream, Jewelry - Earthtones Boutique: Mesmerize Earrings & Necklace

Bohemian Summer Ad: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Tone 20 in Gloss Mauve, Hair - ETD: Chalisa I in Mocha Blackened, Shoes - Fashionably Dead: Strappy Sandals in White, Jewelry - Shiny Things: Glass Squares Necklace & Earrings in Pink

Splash Ad: Skin - Tete a Pied: Rose Medium in Trendy Indigo, Hair - ETD: Starley in Red Blackened, Shoes - Shiny Things: Cool Summer Wedges in White, Jewelry - Caroline's Jewelry: Cinco Choker & Seven Earrings.


Roslin said...

Yay! New Stuff! About the boho thing, I recently read an article about the 'trend' that pretty much sums it up. Basically, that look is ALWAYS in, it's just interpreted in different ways to make it current. Glad to see your spin on it.

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