Friday, June 01, 2007


Summer's less than a month away!!! How wonderful it is not to be waking up to snow & brrrrrr every day...and to not have to bundle up in 83 layers of clothing just to go out the door!!! :P

When I first started designing...(which was just about this time last year)...I didn't really think in terms of seasons or particular articles of clothing...I just sorta randomly worked on ideas that popped up for various reasons. I find as I have more experience (and ffs let's hope I'm better at what I do now than I was a year ago) I think more along the lines of seasons and particular types/styles of clothing. I find that lately I like to dabble in uncharted (for me) territory...try things I haven't yet tried...and the result is that I bounce around a good bit with what I make. I'm not sure if that's good or bad...but hopefully it's at least not boring. :P

So with all that said...we come to today's new realeases. (OK OK..technically they're last night's...I was just too tired & lazy to blog! :P) Swimwear was one area of clothing I'd never tried my hand at...and my recent foray in to lingerie + impending summer + the lure of something new had me thinking about it and wanting to give it a go. Soooo I started thinking it over...and decided I wanted to make some really fun, cute, flirty & girlie swimwear in some preppy plaids & argyles...with sweet flexiprim bow accents...and I wanted something that (mostly) covered the bootay ffs...cos tho I have no problem with my avi displaying her bootay in swimwear...I sometimes get frustrated at the sheer number of swimsuits in my inv that simply don't cover it enough for my taste. o.O

Andddd here's what popped out. Addison (my personal fave), Bitsy, Molly, & Peyton. Of course I gave them preppy names to go with their preppy styles...these are like those spoiled little rich girls who have nothing better to do than play at the beach alll summer long...taunting the boys and showing off their tans. Each has her own unique you can clearly see:

Addison: The Sophisticate. She enjoys spending her beach time on the sand...reading...building castles...soaking up the sun. Her quirky, somewhat aloof personality fascinates the boys...after all...who doesn't like a challenge?!

Bitsy: The Little Sister. She's sweet & social but a little bit shy & innocent. She loves hanging out at the beach...flirting with her brother's friends...and they're noting she doesn't seem so young anymore.

Molly: The Flirt. She comes to the beach to see and be seen...she's fun, playful, & full of energy...and every boy within a half mile radius seems drawn to her magnetic personality.

Peyton: The Tomboy. She enjoys the rough & tumble fun the beach has to offer...volleyball, football, swimming, name it...she's game to try it. She can definitely keep up with the boys...and they definitely love it! ;)

Okies there they be...if you've stuck thru this long post...xomg! Bonus cookies for you!!

Imma get back to work...baibai!! <33333


Earrings in all ads: Gurl6 - Silver Hoops

Addison Ad: Skin - Gala: Pale in Indian Summer, Hair - ETD: Willis in Copper Burnt, Shoes - Fashionably Dead: Jellies in Sky.

Bitsy Ad: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Avril, Hair - ETD: Daisy II in Mocha Blackened, Shoes - Tickled Pink: Tinkers in Pale Pink.

Molly Ad: Skin - Nylon Outfitters: Pearl in Black, Hair - ETD: Patootie in Chocolate Frost, Shoes - Fashionably Dead: Jellies in Happy Sun.

Peyton Ad: Skin - Celestial Studios: Charmed Redhead Auburn Tone 30 in Barest, Hair - ETD: Bridget in Red Blackened, Shoes - Fashionably Dead: Jellies in Lime.

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