Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yummm Sneakie Peekie Skins!!

Soooo Ms Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied has sneaked me a few preview skins from the soon to be released Vivant line...and I'm in luuurvvveeee...and couldn't resist passing along a little sneak peek of these sweet new makeups!!

As always, Roslin has really outdone herself with some really fantastic and imaginative new makeups...this is but a very very very small sample. You'll be able to see them all when the Vivant line is released on Monday (8/20/07). TaP group members and invited guests will get a sneak preview on Sunday (8/19/07). ;)

So enough-a that..on with the pretties!!

One part of the new line is the 'Basic' series...which are sort of basic color palletes done in one lip color with 3 differing eye shadow styles. What I have here is the Basic Pink series:

This is the Basic Pink 1 in the Blush skin tone.

Basic Pink 2 also in the Blush skin tone.

Anddd..this is the Basic Pink 3 in the Buff skin tone.

I love the shimmery, pouty lips...and the great shading on the nose. Also the brows are EXQUISITE (and...yeyyy...nicely modable too!!). The eyes, as always, are exquisite...I especially love the smokiness of the #3 Basics.

Also some decidedly NON basic makeups are included in the new line...including this one...which I L O V E...the Feline series:

This one's my fave...it's Feline 1 in the Buff skin tone. Heavy liner + nude lips is one of my favorite looks...and I adore the 'cat's eye' liner Roslin did here. It's sort of a bit of a Mod look...and I H E A R T it!!!

This is the Feline 2 in the Buff skin tone. As you can see...a bit more color...but it's sooo subtly done...it's just divine.

Anddd this is the Feline 3 in the Buff skin tone. The Mistress of the Red Lip (remember Janvier & Fevrier? OMG) strikes again...with these shimmery, pouty, lighter red lips that come off more like sweet cherry punch than uber seductress.

BTW...I realize I only talk about makeup here...but trust me...the rest of the skin is fab too...including the awesome TaP cleavage wooo...but I'm going to leave it to the many bloggers who are more accustomed to blogging skin to show you some of the finer points! I'm a make-up girl myself!! ;)

That's me for now...everyone be getting ready for skinnnnnn!!!!

Pretties: Hair - ETD: Lisa II in Honey Burnt, Top - CKS Designs: Chelsea...and that lovely background courtesy of Miss Saeya Nyanda's fab Photosphere!!

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