Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Yummie Skin Goodness!!

Okies...more sneaker peeker skins from Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied and once again I just *have* to share some cos I'm going gaga over these makeups!!

Also I have to send some props out to Elika...for this FAB new 'Dirty' texture that she put out in her preview packs that went out to the ETD group. It's the most amazing blonde I've ever seen in SL...I love it so much it's prompted me to go blonde for a while! o.O

AND props to Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot for the sweet background...which, like the bg I used in the previous skin post, is a part of her newish (I'm a slow blogger lately lol...kinda new to ME) Frames pack for the Photosphere. They're all just fabbbbolisciousness and with all you can already do with the Photosphere they're sooo versatile.

Sooo anywho I said in my previous post that the new Tete line includes some really great new makeup styles...and if you're a makeup girl like me you're gonna be gaga over it!! ;)

This is the Basic Nude 3 in the Buff skin tone. I'm such a fan of the heavy eye and the shiny, nude lips. The new lip on these skins is just fantastic.

Okies this one is my ABSOLUTE fave...the Biba series. This is Biba 2 in the Buff skin tone. I totally dig the uber heavy eye and those marvelous, sultry red lips. I love how Ros managed to pull off something that's edgy and so classy at the same time...I feel like Marlene Dietrich when I wear it!! ...and you should see the one with the nude lips...just WOW.

This is the Glam 1 in the Buff skin tone...a glittery, glossy confection that's so elegant and refined.

This is Rebelle 2 in the Buff skin tone. I love the balance here...the uber heavy liner and the gorgeously blended, lighter shadow.

Anddd this is the Sultry 3 in the Buff skin tone. Fabulous eyes that are smoky without being too heavy (yesh I realize not everyone likes heavy black liner/shadow like I do :P) and great understated yet strong lips.

I've said this in the past...but the thing I really really REALLY love about Tete skins...beyond the the totally different look I can get from one to the next...the fact that when Roslin does the makeups she puts effort into designing new styles and combinations. I've noted a cpl other skinners making an effort at this recently as well...but undoubtedly Tete was the first to do so and remains the standard, imho, for imaginative, innovative, stylish faces.

They'll be available on Monday...get ready!! <33333

Pretties: Hair - ETD: Anisa in Dirty (preview be released after her sale), Jewelry - Earthtones Boutique: Destiny, Heiress of Time Set, Clothes - CKS Designs: Grace.


Claudine Jewell said...

i just came back from TAP i would have never tried the skins thanks for the post theyre absolutely gorgeous im such a make up whore and those look great the eye make up is so pretty and the lips especially the glossy looking ones oh my lol and theyre so cheap i got 20 new skins now lol

Claudine Jewell said...

i cant wait for the new ones ;)

Arianna Psaltery said...

Ooo I bought one or two but now I'll go back to check these out :D

Kit Maitland said...

WOW Claudine...I'm so glad you got in before the TaP 2's are gone forever...cos there are some gorgeous ones!!

You're gonna go gaga when you try on the new ones!! :D