Sunday, August 12, 2007

Paper or Plastic??

Okies so I've been mulling over doing some vendor changes and in an effort to not decide everyone thinks like me...I'd like to call all you shoppers out there to give me some input!!

When you make a you prefer to get:

1) Your goodies in a folder. (which goes directly into your inventory and requires no rezzing/opening)

2) Your goodies in a box. (which you subsequently have to rez and open)

3) Your goodies...regardless of which of the above methods is used. :P


Juushika Redgrave said...

Folder. I have an overwhelming preference for folders, because the clothes are going to end up stored in the format anyway, so they might as well start that way. The only possible exception is transferable/gift items, because it is easier to give a single box than drag a folder. In the long run, however--I prefer folders in almost every case.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better :)

Ditto! :D

Kit Maitland said...

Well I prefer folders myself...and I especially hate it when I get something in a box and the place where I bought it has no rez on...but I thought maybe there were advantages to boxes I was overlooking! ;)

Phoenix said...

Folder, for all of the same reasons.

To go one step further, I also love love love to have a vendor pic in the folder too, so I can see exactly what's in it later when I will no doubt forget.

Tanya Book said...

Ditto on the Folder for me.

Floresha Vuckovic said...

Folder, definitly.
I don't like to rez boxes. D:

Saeya said...

Kitsons! Definitely a folder.

Kit Maitland said...

hehe..ok well it's looking like my folder instincts were that's good to know!!

Phoenix...I SO hear you on that...I always include the ad pic in my own folders for that very reason. When I get an outfit that doesn't come with one I usually take a snapshot of myself in it and tuck it into the folder for future reference. ;)

Madison said...

Folder with a picture and an LM to your store in it as well. So when everyone asks where I got my cool outfit, I can easily show them exactly where it came from.