Sunday, August 12, 2007


Okies well...summer vaca is finally over for me!!

I've been getting back into work (even tho no newness yet...I've had a lot of catching up to do...and still lots left...newness soon like...SOON tho!! :D) and SO to mark the return from summer break we're having an impromptu half price sale at the CKS Designs main shop in Selby.

Everything is marked down to at least half the normal price until noon game time on Wednesdsay (8/15/07). I'm not sure *exactly* when we'll sneak in and do the price changes on Wednesday...but sometime after noon...;)

Be aware this is *only* items in the CKS Designs main shop in Selby. Items on SlExchange, SlBoutique, & at satellite shops will not be included.

Sooo happy shopping everyone...and welcome to fall...just around the corner...and lots of new goodies to come!!! <33333

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