Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Way....

...I actually made something!!

JTFC I've forgotten how to post in SLX/SLB (which has mysteriously become OnRez during my absence) & the forum and stuff. Still think I know how to blog though. :D

So a new dressie to kick things off...maybe the only release *this* week though I have more in the works...because I still have so many other things to catch up on. But the bug was biting at me and so here's what we got! ;)

It's a simple, elegant little semi-formalish dress that I decided to call 'Grace' after a friend who saw me in it with my little bitch stick ciggie holder & blonde hair said 'you look like Zsa Zsa'...and I replied...'WTF Zsa Zsa no...more like Grace Kelly!'. It's a simple, summery linen texture with a pretty lace bodice & sash (with a little flexiprim bow in the back) & a lace-trimmed knee-length flexiprim skirt.

/me pauses to wonder why I still use 'flexiprim' to describe things when pretty much ALL skirts now are flexiprim (unless they're sculptie...)

/me also pauses now to ponder in wonder at the probably millions now of SL residents who have no recollection of life before flexiprims...

Ok so can get it at CKS Designs in Selby, SLexchange, & OnRez for $L200/each or $L500/pack.

Some piccies are belowwww's nice to be back to werk. :D <3333

Pretties: Skin - Tete a Pied: Feline 3 in Buff (to be released 8/20/07), Hair - ETD: Anisa in Dirty (one of the new textures Elika released in her group freebies that will be in the shop once it reopens after the sale ends on 8/17/07), Shoes - Shiny Things: Lazy Zig Zag Shoes in White, Jewelry - Earthtones Boutique: Destiny, Heiress of Time set, Bitch Stick (aka ciggie/ciggie holder) - Foxy's Smoke Shop: Aly Gold Bitchstick


Ana Lutetia said...

Cuteness! :)

Arianna Psaltery said...

Oh I LOVE this dress! It's definitely on my list to buy :) VERY grace kelly!

Roslin said...

Love it! I have also decided that the blue is my official favorite color out of the set. Wore it last night. Oh and your comments about the flexi amuse me as well.

Kit Maitland said...

Thanks for the love's nice to be back to werk!! <333