Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I just cleaned my yahoo inbox...from 1200+ messages down to just 6!!!!

Various & sundry 'Kit has crashed' offlines I found in the course of the cleanout...the compliation of which amuses me:

[11:40] Roslin Petion: are you crashing again?

[11:30] Roslin Petion: yessss?
[11:31] Roslin Petion: oh and you crashed again
[11:31] Roslin Petion: haha

[10:08] Roslin Petion: /me waves
[10:08] Roslin Petion: Grrr, I thought you were on

[16:53] Tuber Potato: hello?
[16:53] Tuber Potato: o, srry
[16:53] Tuber Potato: crap you misappeared

[11:27] Jim Honey: What are you up to Kit? SL don't like it.

[17:15] Jim Honey: That wasn't me.

[17:53] Jim Honey: Its not me... I swear.

[17:03] Menno Ophelia: kit?

[13:06] Shiraz Mandelbrot: Oh! Guess you're off. Talk to you later
then :)

[16:02] Jim Honey: Aww. Gone :(

[12:22] Tuber Potato: OMG, you crashed, then I crashed, and the fucker is offline now...

[8:26] Menno Ophelia: And you need to stop crashing..its so 2006

[21:25] Jz Boa: ok
[21:25] Jz Boa: bye

[17:00] Tuber Potato: /me maps ur ass
[17:00] Tuber Potato: doh

[16:04] Tuber Potato: did you get the TP?

[9:55] TaP Shepherd: yo
[9:55] TaP Shepherd: damn, I thought I saw you on before.

[23:15] Balejack Horton: wher eu?

[23:38] Balejack Horton: sokay ;)
[23:38] Balejack Horton: omg again?

[0:10] Balejack Horton: u wth me?

[12:17] Jim Honey: You were showing off-line.

[23:07] Courtlyn Cunningham: omg u here?

[18:38] Trillian Granville: DAMN KIT, GET BACK HERE!

[22:38] Ethan Logan: still there?

[20:56] Roslin Petion: WB crasher
[20:56] Roslin Petion: oh wait, maybe not

[18:29] Trillian Granville: you crashy crash, me have kid bothering me
[18:29] Trillian Granville: ill be back if possible

[10:52] Trillian Granville: damn, you crashed
[10:52] Trillian Granville: im gonna go get some food, be back in a bit

[23:44] Balejack Horton: ?

[15:52] Echo Seigo: you here?

[18:12] Trillian Granville: hey baby
[18:12] Trillian Granville: damn, you are gone

[22:29] Balejack Horton: crash?

[21:46] Echo Seigo: you dirty crasher

[12:53] Zhuge Taiko: hey kit
[12:54] Zhuge Taiko: gahh sorry was showing you as being on line

[21:52] Balejack Horton: omg that was the quickest crash uve ever done

[20:01] Echo Seigo: lol i was just telling you a story and you logged
[20:01] Echo Seigo: good timing :)

[17:48] Trillian Granville: are you here?

[11:52] Echo Seigo: where you at?

[19:29] Courtlyn Cunningham: where did u go
[19:29] Courtlyn Cunningham: lol

[13:48] Balejack Horton: /me waves into the empty cyberspace where Kit
should be
[13:48] Balejack Horton: ;)

[12:47] Tuber Potato: hey, you still there?

[12:18] Stan Pomeray: Where did you go?

[17:59] Echo Seigo: thanks
[17:59] Echo Seigo: wb yourself
[17:59] Echo Seigo: omg you crashed again!

[17:48] Tuber Potato: are you doing anything atm?
[17:48] Tuber Potato: besides crashing
[17:48] Tuber Potato: lol

[17:47] Echo Seigo: back i crashed
[17:48] Echo Seigo: and it appears you did as well

[16:02] Echo Seigo: you're so the dirty crasher!

[11:11] Tuber Potato: did you crash?

[10:22] Enzzo Austinmer: ok im off crasherson
[10:22] Enzzo Austinmer: bye!

[23:01] Tuber Potato: did you misappear
[23:01] Tuber Potato: o Yep


Roslin said...

*laughs* Thanks so much for sharing those offlines. At least it's all good for a laugh and hey, reading the offlines gives you something to do when SL is an hour behind schedule getting the grid back up.

Kit Maitland said...

hahah..well anyone who knows me knows my crashie tendencies...I was lmao as I was plundering thru the messages and finding them

Gillian Waldman said...

I know I am late but I just saw this and totally LOLd. That was some funny :)

Hope you're well xD